Lord Vishnu Varaha Incarnation Varaha Avatar

Lord Vishnu Varaha Incarnation Varaha Avatar

Varaha Avatar:

According to hindu religon textsVarava Avataris the third incarnation of Lord Vishnu’s ten incarnation.Varaha was a man-incarnate incarnation in which the head was of pigs but the rest of the body was of a human.
Varaha Avatar.

Varah Avatar Story:

Hiranyaksh and Hiranyakashyapwere twins brothers and their mother’s name wasDeetiand father’s name wasKashyap. Both Hiranyaksh and Hiranyakashyap were very strong, but still they were not satisfied. They wanted to achieve untimely and immortality in the world.

Both Hiranyaksh and Hiranyakashyap did great penance to pleaseLord Brahma.Once Hiranyaksh pleased Lord Brahma after making hard tenacity. Lord Brahma was very happy and manifested by his tough tenacity.

Hiranyaksh asked Lord Brahma to boon that neither he nor any human being, nor any god nor any animal could kill, that is, he would become immortal. Lord Brahma gave him a boon. Hiranyaksh became deceptive and selfish after boon. He considered himself the best among the whole world.

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He reached the Indralok by taking mace in his hand. When the deities got the news of his arrival, they got scared and ran away from the IndraLok. Hiranyakt captured all over the entire Indralok.

When there was no one to fight in Indralok, Hiranyaksh went to the city of Varun. Varun said in a very calm manner – you are a great warrior and a brave warrior. I am not braver than you. There is no one except the Lord Vishnu in the whole worlds, he can fight you. So go to him. He will calm down your battle.

Listening to Varun’s words, going to the abyss under the ocean in search of Lord Vishnu, Coming to the abyss, he saw a strange sight. He saw a Varah carrying the earth on his teeth. Targeting the Varah, Hiranyaksh must say, “You are definitely Lord Vishnu. Where are you taking the earth from the abyss?
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This earth is an object of the use of demons. Keep it, You have often tricked the demons for the welfare of the Gods. You will not be able to deceive me today.” Yet Lord Vishnu remained calm. He did not get angry even in his mind.

They continued to move the earth on their teeth. Hiranyakash look behind Lord Vishnu. They went out of the abyss and set the earth above sea. After establishing the earth, Lord Vishnu gave attention to Hiranyaksh. Looking at Hiranyaksh Lord Vishnu said, “You are very strong. Strong people do not say, they show. You are just deluded. I stand in front of you. Why do not you attack me? Grow forward, attack me.” Listen this word, Hiranyaksh became very angry. He broke into Lord Vishnu with a mace in his hand.

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There was no weapon in the hands of Lord Vishnu. He snatched the mace with the hands of Hiranyaksha and thrown it away. Be frantic with the anger of the Hiranaksh. He swept towards Lord Vishnu with trident in his hand.

Lord Vishnu called his Sudarshan chakra. shortly, the Sudarshan chakra came in his hands. Lord Vishnu cut pieces of Hirnyaksh from his chakra. Due to the killing of Lord Vishnu, Hiranyaksh went to the Baikunth-dham.

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