Lord Vishnu second incarination Kurma Avatar

Lord Vishnu second incarination Kurma Avatar

Kurma Avatar:

The festival ofLord Kurmabirth is celebrated on the full moon of Vaishakh. According to religious texts, on this dayLord Vishnuincarnated kurma (turtle) and helped in sea churning.

Kurma incarnation of Lord Vishnu is also calledturtle incarnation. Kurma is the second incarnation of Lord Vishnu’s famous ten incarnations, and in the 24 incarnations is the eleventh incarnation.

mohini avatar.

Located in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh, ‘Sri Kurumkuramnath Swamy Temple’is one of the main temples dedicated to the Kurma incarnation of Lord Vishnu. A large number of devotees come here to worship Lord Kurma.

In the Kurma incarnation, Lord Vishnu took over Mandar Mountain on the shore of Kshirsagar during the oceanic movement. Thus, with the help of Lord Vishnu, Mandarchal Mountain and Vaasuki, a snake, Gods and Asuras got the churning of the fourteen gems. At this time Lord Vishnu also took the form of Mohini.

Kurma Avatar Story:

According to legend,Devraj Indraonce disrespected the precious material given byRishi Durvasa,by the arrogance of his power and austerity. Due to this, Rishi Durvasa cursed him, due to which the gods lost their strength, sharpness, and majesty and became very weak.
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In such a case, the Asuras attacked the Gods and defeated them and captured the heaven. The rule of King Bali was established in all the three zones. After this, all deities go to Lord Vishnu and ask them for help. After this, Lord Vishnu suggested to sea-churning and receiving nectar and drink it and to earn its lost power again. But, this task was not so simple.

The deities were very weak, so sea-churning was not about their power. Lord Vishnu said to the deities that they should go and tell the Asuras about the nectar and the immortality they get from them and concede them to the sea-churning. After this, the two sides share the sea churn and divide the valuable funds from them.

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Asur agreed to churn the sea with the gods in the greed of nector. Both arrived at theKshir-Sagar, using the Mandrachal mountain and as a rope vasuki snake for churning the sea. The sea churning started. On one side there were deities and on the other side Asuras. But what is this! Due to lack of solid ground, after the start of the churning, the Mandrachal mountain started flowing in the sea.

So the sea churn had to be stopped. All started thinking about the solution to this problem. Then Lord Vishnu embraced the Kurma incarnation and sat down underMandrachal Mountains.
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After that, Mandrachal Mountain was established on Lord Vishnu’s back and sea churning started. Due to the Kurma incarnation of Lord Vishnu, sea churning was possible, which led to the creation of many precious jewels, animals, gods and goddesses from the sea, and finally the gods received nectar.

There was a fierce battle to take the nectar between God and Asuras. To save the nectar from Asuras, The dities prayed to Lord Vishnu to get nectar, then Lord Vishnu took the form of a woman (Mohini).Mohinidistracted Asuras and took away the nectar from Asuro and divided it to God, which they drank. At last defeating Asuras, Dities again renewed their rule on Devlok.

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