All 24 Avatars of Lord Vishnu.

All 24 Avatars of Lord Vishnu.

Avatars of Lord Vishnu:

Whenever there is a crisis on the earth,Lord Vishnuhas avoided the crisis by takingincarnation.It is said about Lord Vishnu’s 24th incarnation that he is sure to come in the form of ‘Kalki Avatar’.

Their 23 incarnations have been incarnated on earth till now. Of these 24 incarnations, 10 incarnations are considered as the main incarnations of Vishnu.

This isMatsya avatar, Kurma avatar, Varah avatar, Nrisingh avatar, Vaman Avatar, Parasuram Avatar, SriRam Avatar, ShreeKrishna Avatar, Buddha Avatar, Kalki Avatar.

Avatars of vishnu.

24 incarnations of Lord Vishnu-

1- Shri Sankadi Muni Avatar:

According to religious, at the beginning of the creation, Lord Brahma had a great penance with the desire to compose many religions. Pleased with his tenacity, Lord Vishnu incarnated as the four Munis Sanak, Sanandan, Sanatan and Santkumar. These are considered to be the first incarnations of Lord Vishnu.
24 incarnations vishnu

2-Varah Avtar:

According to religious, Lord Vishnu took the second incarnation in the form of a Varah. In ancient times when the monster Hiranyakha took the Earth and hid it in the sea, Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of Brahma’s nose. At the insistence of everyone, Lord Varah started searching for the earth. With the help of their nose, they found the Earth and went inside the ocean and brought the Earth out.

3-Narad Avtar:

According to religious text, Devarshi Narada is also the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. According to the scriptures, Narada Muni is one of the seven Manas sons of Brahma. He has received the post of Devarshi with hard penance. They are considered one of the unique devotees of Lord Vishnu. Devarshi Narada always strives for the promotion of religion and public welfare. In the scriptures, Devshi Narada is also said to be God’s mind.
24 Avatars vishnu.

4-Nar-Narayan Avtar:

At the beginning of creation, Lord Vishnu incarnated in two forms to establish religion. In this incarnation they were holding a jute on their heads. Swan in their hands, chakras in their legs and signs of Shreevatsa in their chest. Their entire dress was similar to the ascetics. According to religious texts, Lord Vishnu took this reincarnation as Nar-Narayana.
24 Avatars of Lord vishnu images.

5-Kapil Muni:

Kapil Muni is the fifth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. His father’s name was Maharishi Karad and mother’s name was Devuhati. Only 60 thousand sons of King Sagar were consumed by Lord Kapil’s anger. Lord Kapil is the originator of Sankhya philosophy. Kapil Muni Bhagwat is one of the twelve chiefs of religion.
24 incarnations vishnu.

6-Dattatrey Avtar:

Dattatreya was the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Lord Dattatreya is the son of Lord Rishi Atri of Manas son of Brahma. His mother’s name was Anusuya. Somewhere it is mentioned that Lord Dattatreya is the only embodiment of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

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7-Yagya Avtar:

The name of the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu is Yagya. According to religious texts, Lord Yagya was born in Swayambhuvu Manu. Aakutti was born from the womb of Shatrupa, wife of Swayambhav Manu. She became wife of Ruchi Prajapati. Here, Lord Vishnu born from the womb of Aakutti. His grandmother Dakshina was born to a very bright twelve sons of Lord Yagya.
All avatars vishnu.

8-Lord Rishabhdev avtar:

Lord Vishnu’s eighth avatar is in the form of Rishabhdev. According to religious texts, there was no child of King Nabhi. For this reason, he sacrificed with his wife Meru Devi for wishes of the son. Pleased with the sacrifice, Lord Vishnu himself appeared and gave a boon to King Nabhi that I will be born in you as a son. After some time in the form of a boon, Lord Vishnu was born as a son of King Nabhi. King Nabhi named him Rishabh.
24 avatars of vishnu.

9-Aadiraj prithu-

The name of an incarnation of Lord Vishnu is Aadiraj prithu. According to religious texts, in the dynasty of Swayambhav Manu, a person named Ang was married to Sunitha, daughter of death. He had a son named Ven. He refused to believe in God
Then Maharishi slaughtered him with the mantra Kush. Then Maharishi churned the arms of the sonless King Ven, which led the son of Prithu.In the right hand of Prithu was a sign of chakra and in the legs was a sign of lotus.

24 avatars of vishnu.

10-Matsya Avatar:

According to the Puranas, Lord Vishnu took the mudyattavatar to save the creation from the catastrophe. When the time came, Fishery Lord Vishnu preached philosophy of King Satyavrat, which is famous asMatsyapuran.

11-Kurma Avatar:

According to religious texts, Lord Vishnu assisted in sea churning with the incarnation ofkurm (turtle).Kurma incarnation of Lord Vishnu is also calledTortoise Incarnation. Mandarachal started moving fast on the huge back of Lord Kurma and thus the sea churning was completed.

24 avatars of vishnu.

12-Lord Dhanvantri Avatar:

According to religious texts, when the gods and the demons used to churn the ocean, many gems emerged from sea churn. At the last, Lord Dhanvantri came out with a nectar of varnish. This is believed to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. They are also considered to be the masters of medicines.

24 avatars of vishnu.

13-Mohini Avtar-

When the Gods and Demons had received nector from the ocean at the time of sea churning,then the Gods feared that Demons could not become immortal by drinking nector. Then they went to Lord Vishnu and prayed that this would prevent them from happening.Then Lord Vishnu took the Avatar of Mohini amd give the nector to the deities.

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All avatars of vishnu.

14-Lord Narsingh Avtar-

Lord Vishnu slaughtered King Hiranyakashipu of the king of demons with the incarnation of Nrarsingh. According to religious texts, King Hiranyakashipu considered himself to be more powerful than God. His son’s name was Prahlaad. Prahlad was the ultimate devotee of Lord Vishnu from childhood. This thing when Hiranyakshipu came to know that he was very angry and tried to convince Prahlad, but even then when he did not consider Prahlad, Hiranyakashipu gave him the death penalty.
Every time he was saved from the miracle of Lord Vishnu. When Hiranyakashipu was about to kill Prahlad himself, Lord Vishnu appeared in the pillar with the incarnation of Narsingh and he slaughtered Hiranyakashyap with his nails.

15-Vaman Avtar:

In Satyayuga, Prahlad’s grandson Daityaraj Bali took control of heaven. All the gods went to Lord Vishnu to avoid this calamity. Then Lord Vishnu said that I myself will be born from the womb of Devmata Aditi and will give you the kingdom of heaven. After some time Lord Vishnu took the Vaman Avatar. Then Lord Vaman helped the gods return them to heaven.

All avatars of vishnu.

16-Hayagriv avtar:

According to religious texts, once two powerful monsters named Madhu and Katabh, were defeated the Vedas and reached abyss. Brahmaji was very sad due to the defeat of the Vedas and came to Lord Vishnu. Then God took a hugely embodiment. In this incarnation Lord Vishnu had a neck and face like a horse. Then Lord Haigrah reached the abyss and slaughtered Madhu-Katabh and gave the Vedas again to Lord Brahma.

17-Shree Hari avtar:

According to religious texts, in ancient times, a powerful Gajendra lived in the valley of the Trikuta mountain with his huthens. Once she went to take a bath in the pond with her handbills. There a crocodile caught his leg and pulled it inside the water. The struggle of Gajendra and crocodile continued for one thousand years. At last Gajendra fell looser and he meditated on Lord Shri Harri. Upon hearing the praises of Gajendra, Lord Srihari appeared and he killed the crocodile from his own cycle.

18-Parshuram Avtar:

According to Hindu scriptures, Parashurama was one of the principal incarnations of Lord Vishnu.
In ancient times, the city of Mahishmati was ruled by Sahstrabahu. He was very arrogant and tortured too. Once Agnidev urged him to take food. Then Sahastrabahu came in boasting and said that wherever you like, you can get food, I have all my rule. Then Agnideva started burning the forest. In one forest, sage Aapav was performing austerity.Agni also burnt his ashram Angry by this, the sage cursed Sahastrabhu, that Lord Vishnu would be born as Parshuram and not only destory the Sahastrabhu but also the entire Kshatriyas. Thus Lord Vishnu was born in the Bhargava as the fifth son of Maharishi Jamadgri.

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19-Mahrishi Vedvyas:

In the Puranas, Maharishi Vedavas has also been considered as part of Lord Vishnu. He appeared in the form of son of Maharishi Parashar. He was born on the island of Yamuna from the womb of Satyavati. The color of his body was black. That’s why he had a name Krishnadapayan. Looking at the age and power of humans, they divide the Vedas. Therefore they are also called Vedavas. He also composed the Mahabharata textbook.

20-Hans Avtar:

Once Lord Brahma was sitting in his meeting. Only then did his Manas son reach Sankadi, and Lord Brahma started discussing about the salvation of humans. Then Lord Vishnu appeared in the form of Hans and he redressed the suspicions of the Sankadi Munis. After this, everyone worshiped Lord Hans.

21-Shree Rama Avtar:

There was a lot of terror in Rakshasraj Ravan in Tretayuga. Even the Gods were afraid of Ravan. Lord Vishnu took birth in the form of a son from the womb of Mother Kaushalya at King Dasharath for his slaughter. In this incarnation, Lord Vishnu slaughtered many demons and followed his command and lived his life.

All avatars of vishnu.

22-Shree Krishna Avtar:

In Dwaparyug, Lord Vishnu destroyed the unrighteousness by taking an incarnation of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna was born in prison. His father’s name was Vasudeva and mother’s name was Devaki. Lord Krishna performed many miracles in this incarnation and killed the wicked.
Kans was also killed by Lord Krishna. In the battle of Mahabharata, became the charioteer of Arjuna and gave knowledge of the world to the Geeta. Religion established by making Yudhishthira the king. This incarnation of Lord Vishnu is considered to be the best in all the incarnations.

23- Buddha Avtar:

According to religious texts, Gautam Buddha, the originator of Buddhism, was also the incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

One time the power of the demons has increased too much The gods also started running away from their fears. From the wishes of the state, the demons asked Devaraj Indra that our empire would remain stable, what is the solution. Indra then told that sacrifice is necessary for a stable rule. Then the monks started sacrifice. which increased their power. Then all the gods went to Lord Vishnu. Then Lord Vishnu took the form of Buddha for the benefit of the Gods.

All avatars of vishnu.

24. Kalki Avtar:

According to the scriptures, The last incarnation of Lord Vishnu is Lord Kalki at the end of Kaliyug. The Kalki Avatar will be in the center of Kaliyug and Satyug.This incarnation will be of 64 arts. According to the Puranas, Lord Kalki will born in Brahmin named Vishnuyasha, at Shambhal in Muradabad district of Uttar Pradesh. Kalki will ride a horse named Devadatta and destroy the sinners from the world and re-establish the religion.

All avatars of vishnu.

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