Lord Vishnu Narsingh Incarnation.

Lord Vishnu Narsingh Incarnation.

Narsingh Avatar:

The Chaturdashi of Shukla Paksha is celebrated on the occasion ofNarsingh Jayantiin Vaishakh month. This day is a great importance in Hindu religion.

According to mythological religious beliefs, Lord Vishnu slaughtered the demons’s king Hiranyakashipu by taking‘Narsingh Avatar’on this day. In Narsingh incarnation, Lord Vishnu slaughtered King Hiranyakashipu by holding the body ofhalf-man and half a lion.Nrisingh Avatar According to Hindu religion texts, there are four incarnations of the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu.

Narsingh Avatar.

Narsingh Avatar Story:

At the time of the salvation of the earth, Lord Vishnu killed theHiranyakashipu’s brother Hiranyakshby wearing the incarnation ofVarah. His elder brother, Hiranyakashipu, became very angry. An unhappy and indignant Hiranyakashipu, with the death of his brother, resolved to be invincible to take vengeance on his brother’s death. For thousands of years, he practiced hard tenacity. Pleased with his penance, Brahma gave him a boon to be invincible.

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Lord Brahma was inevitable. He could not defeat by anyone.
There were four sons of Hiranyakashipu. A son’s name wasPrahlad. Prahlad was a devotee of Lord Vishnu since childhood.
One day Hiranyakashipu asked Prahalad, son! “Who is the greatest in this universe?” Prahlad said, ” Lord Vishnu is my God and he is the biggest in the universe. Hiranyakashipu violent said Vishnu is not big. I am biggest in this universe. From today you worship me. Prahlad said, you are not God. I will not worship you. I worship only Lord Vishnu and I will worship Lord Vishnu forever.Listening to this, Hirnyakashipu became very aggressive. He tried very hard to kill Prahlad. One day, Prahlad was poisoned, but poison converted into nectar. Elephants were sent to kill Prahlad. But the elephant, Prahlad, sat on his forehead. Throwed down from the mountain but Vishnu escaped with the grace of Lord Vishnu. Prahalad was thrown into the sea but he saved by Lord Vishnu. Prahlad was seated in a burning pyre but still got saved.
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In the end, Hiranyakashipu tied Prahlaad with a pillar. And said – whose power you are so proud of? Where is he? Prahlad said – he is everywhere. Lord Vishnu is also in this pillar.
The monster knocked on that pillar. He and all the people were shocked. The word was heard from the pillar of the terrible rage.

After a moment Hirnyakashipu saw that – the whole body appeared of man and mouth of lion, large nails and teeth, huge horror shapes. After seeingGod Nrisinghall started running away. God Nirisingh caught Hiranyakashipu.

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Hiranyakashipu said, I gave a boon to Lord Brahma.The screaming Hirnyakashipu shouted. I will not die in the day or night, no god, demons, humans and animals will not be able to kill me. I will not die in the building or outside. All arms will be vain on me. Land, Water, sky everywhere I am meditative.

God Nrishingh told, this is the epic period. I see who i am It’s the door, this is my fingernail and it lies on my thigh. By gaining weight, God has wiped his chest with nails.
The god was scared of seeing the horrors, Brahma ji became unconscious, Mahalaxmi returned from a distance, but Prahalad – he was the son of the lord. He praised Lord Nrisingh. Lord Narsingh lifted Prahlad in the lap and seated him and started affection.

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