Lord Vishnu Krishna Incarnation.

Lord Vishnu Krishna Incarnation.

Krishna Avatar Story:

Whenever the horror of the sins of the demons on this earth is spreading, then Lord Vishnu, in some form, will reduce the weight of the earth. Lord Vishnu has held 23 incarnations. In his avatars, his most important incarnation was Lord Krishna.

This incarnation he had taken in the Dwapar era in the form of Shrikrishna in the confines of Mathura from Devaki’s womb. At that time the sins were all around. Therefore, Sri Krishna was inspired to establish religion.

Krishna Avatar.

The story of Krishna Avatar:

On the Ashtami date of Bhadrapad Krishna Paksha, at 12 o’clock in the night of Mathura, Vasudev ji’s wife, Devaki was born Lord Krishna with sixteen kalos.
In Dwapar era, when the atrocities of the demons were on the earth. Then the earth came to Lord Brahma to take the form of cow and tell it to be his problem. Lord Brahma took all the Gods together and took the earth near the Lord Vishnu. Upon praising Lord Vishnu, Lord Vishnu asked Lord Brahma and all deities to come and ask him the reason for his coming, then the earth quote – I am being burdened by the burden of sin. Save me. Hearing this,

Vishnu said – I will be born from the womb of Vasudev’s wife Devaki in the Braj Mandal. Go to all deities Braj land and keep your body in the Yadav dynasty. After this, Devta was born in Braj Mandal, Nand Yashoda and Gopiyo. At the end of the Dwapar era, Ugrasen King ruled in Mathura. The name of the son of Ugrasen was Kans. Kans forced Ugrasen to be thrown out of the throne and put him in jail and became himself king.

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Marriage of Vasudev and Devaki:

The marriage of Kansa’s sister Devaki was done with Vasudeva in Yadav Kul. When Kans was going along with the chariot to depart Devaki, then the Akashwani became that “O Kans! The eight son of Devaki whom you are sending away from a great love will kill you. After listening to Akashwani, Kans got angry and was ready to kill Devaki.

Vasudev ji explained to Kans that you do not have any fear from Devaki, I will give you the eighth son of Devaki. Kans accepted Vasudev ji and closed Vasudev and Devaki in jail. Immediately Narada reached there and said with the brace how it would know that what will be the eighth birth day will start from the first or final pregnancy.

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Kans Killed Devaki’s Seven Children:

Kans decided to kill all the children arising from Devaki’s womb in consultation with Nadarji. Thus, Kans killed one of the seven son of Devaki mercilessly.

Lord Krishna Birth Date and Time:

Lord Krishna’s birth in the Rohini Nakshatra, Ashtami of the Krishna Paksha of Bhadrapad.

On that time Akashwani happened. You have reached this child immediately to Nand in Gokul and arrange for Kans by bringing her now born girl. Immediately Vasudev ji’s handcrases were opened. The doors were opened automatically. The vigilant slept Vasudev, keeping Krishna in soup, went to Gokul. Then vasudev ji reached at Yamuna. Touching the feet of God, the Yamuna decreased.

Vasudev crossed the Yamuna and keep Lord Krishna of Nand’s house in front of Yashodaji. Vasudev ji brought her child with him into prison. The doors of the prison were closed down. The handcuffs were broken in the hands of Vasudev ji.

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The news was given to Kans when the girl was awakened. Kans went to jail and wanted to slap her on the stone, but she got out of the hands of the brace and flew into the sky and said, “O Kans! What would you gain from killing me? Your enemy has reached Gokul. ” After hearing this, Kans became distraught. Kans sent many demons to kill Shri Krishna. Shri Krishna killed all the demons from him. When he grew up, he killed Kans and sat on the throne.

According to Sanatan Dharma, Lord Vishnu Sarvpaphari is the supreme God giving salvation to the holy and all human beings. There were so many immense qualities in Shrikrishna that they themselves did not know him.

Among all the deities, Shrikrishna was such that it was fulfilled on the earth by completing sixteen arts. The only purpose of being an incomparable part was to liberate this earth from sinners. To fulfill his purpose, he did whatever he thought was right.

They considered doing karma to be paramount. Giving Arjuna an expertise in the field of Kurukshetra, he composed the Gita which is considered the most important scripture in all religions.

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