Sri Krishna Janmashtami Lord Krishna story

Sri Krishna Janmashtami Lord Krishna story

Lord Krishna Story(Happy Janmashtami):

Shri Krishnawas born in Mathura, Uttar Pradesh in Dwapara Yuga.
Lord Krishna was born in the prison of Mathura in the Rohini constellation at midnight on Bhadrapada Krishna Ashtami Tithi. This year Krishna Janmashtami will be celebrated on Monday, 30 August 2021.
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Lord Krishna Story:

In the Dwapar era, the Bhojwanshi king Ugrasena ruled in Mathura. Kansa was Devaki’s cousin.
Ugrasen’s son Kansa overthrew his father and himself became the king of Mathura.
Devaki was married to a Yaduvanshi king named Vasudeva.
Sri Krishna Janmashtami( Lord Krishna story).
Kansa loved his sister Devaki very much. When Kamsa was going to reach his sister Devaki’s in-laws, there was an All India Radio on the way- “O Kansa, the Devaki whom you love so much. Through that you will have an apocalypse. Your eighth child born from Devaki’s womb will be yours.” Will end. ” Hearing this, Kansa agreed to kill Vasudev.

Then Devaki humbly said to Kansa- ‘Whatever child I will have from my womb, I will put it in front of you. What will you gain by killing Vasudev ji? ‘

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Kansa accepted Devaki and went back to Mathura. He puts Vasudev and Devaki in jail.

Kansa agreed to listen to Devaki and locked Vasudev and Devaki in his prison.
Vasudev and Devaki had seven children one by one and Kansa was killed as soon as the seven were born. When Devaki was about to have his eighth child, Kansa kept him vigilant in prison.

At the same time, Nanda’s wife Yashoda was also going to have a child in Gokul. Nand was a very good friend of Vasudev.

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When Shri Krishna was born, Yashoda also had a daughter in Gokul.

In the prison where Devaki and Vasudev were imprisoned, there was a sudden light and Shri Krishna was born. As soon as Shri Krishna was born, the handcuffs of Devaki and Vasudev’s hands opened. The prison doors opened automatically. All the guards fainted.

At the same time, Vasudev, leaving a newborn baby-form Shri Krishna in the soup, left the prison and crossed the unfathomable Yamuna and reached Nandaji’s house in Gokul. When Vasudev reached Gokul, a voice came out and he said, “Vasudev! Put your son next to Yashoda and take Yashoda’s daughter to Mathura. Yashoda’s daughter is my form. Then Vasudev put Sri Krishna to sleep with Yashoda. Diya and came to Mathura with his daughter. The prison gates closed automatically.

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When Kansa comes to know that Vasudev-Devaki has been born a child.
Sri Krishna Janmashtami( Lord Krishna story).
He went to the prison and snatched the newborn girl from Devaki’s hand and tried to slam her on the earth, but the girl flew into the sky and took the form of a goddess and said- “Hey fool, what will happen to kill me?” The one who killed you has reached Vrindavan. He will soon punish you for your sins. Your end has come. Saying this, the girl became invisible. After this, Shri Krishna was brought up in Gokul. And while growing up, Shri Krishna killed Kansa.

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