Who Killed Lord Krishna and How?

Who Killed Lord Krishna and How?

How did Lord Krishna die?

Shri Krishna was a complete incarnation of Lord Vishnu. According to Mahabharata, Shri Krishna was a very powerful supernatural warrior. In this article, we will take cognizance of Bhagvat Purana and Mahabharata to know how Lord Krishna and Balram ji died and what happened to their body after death.

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Result of Mahabharata War:

Nothing was achieved except bloodshed in the 18-day war of Mahabharata. The entire clan of Kauravas was destroyed, except the five Pandavas, most of the people of Pandava clan were also killed. Another dynasty ended due to this war which was Yaduvansh of Shri Krishna ji.

Mystery of Lord Krishna’s death:

After the end of the Mahabharata war, when Yudhishthira was being crowned, Gandhari, the mother of Kauravas, blamed Krishna for the Mahabharata war and cursed that just as the dynasty of Kauravas has been destroyed, in the same way the destruction of Yaduvansh Will happen . Due to this reason Lord Krishna died and the entire Yadu dynasty was destroyed.

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Then Shri Krishna returned to Dwarka and accompanied the Yaduvanshis to the field of effort. The Yaduvanshis also brought food, fruits and food items with them. Krishna had ordered the Yaduvanshis to wait for death by donating food to the Brahmins.

Controversy between Sathiki and Kritavarma:

A few days later, while discussing the Mahabharata war, there was a dispute between Sathiki and Kritavarma. The companion got angry and cut off Kritavarma’s head. Due to this a mutual war broke out between them and they split into groups and started fighting among themselves.

All Yaduvanshis including Pradyumna, Mitra Sathiaki and Aniruddha were killed in this war. Only Bablu and Daruk were left.

At whose hands did Krishna die?

Krishna went out to meet his elder brother Balarama. At that time Balram ji, sitting on the beach at the outer edge of the forest, contemplating God with a concentrated mind, fixed his soul in the form of self and left the human body.

Shri Krishna knew that now everything is over and then he went under a peepal tree and sat quietly on the earth. Shri Krishna had assumed his four-armed form at that time and was illuminating all the deities in darkness.

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At that time the Lord was sitting on His right thigh with His left foot, His red-red soles were shining like a blood lotus. Then a fowler named Zara was passing from there. From afar he felt the red talwa of Shri Krishna like the face of a deer. Baheli without any thought left a poisonous arrow from there, which hit the feet of Shri Krishna.

When he came near, he saw Lord Krishna sitting in a quadrilateral form. So he started trembling due to fear and placing his head at the feet of Shri Krishna, he said that O Madhusudan, I have committed this sin unknowingly and he started apologizing.

Shri Krishna said to Baheli that don’t be afraid, you have done the work of my mind. Now with my permission you will reach heaven. Lord Shri Krishna lived on earth for 125 years.

After the departure of the fowler, Shri Krishna charioteer Daru reached there. Seeing them, tears started flowing from Daruk’s eyes and fell at the feet of the Lord.

He said that now you should not live in Dwarka. Because this city is now going to be submerged. Everyone should go to Indraprastha with their wealth, family and parents. With this message, Daruk left from there.

After the departure of Daruk, Brahma ji, Parvati, Lokpal, great sages, sages, yakshas, ​​demons, brahmins etc all came and worshiped Shri Krishna. Everyone was showering flowers on Lord Krishna with devotion. Shri Krishna ji, seeing the deities in his Vibhuti form, established his soul in the beginning and closed his eyes like a lotus.

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According to Shrimad Bhagwat, when the information of Shri Krishna and Balram going to their homeland reached their families, they too gave up their lives due to this misery. Devaki, Rohini, Vasudeva, the wives of Balarama, the queens of Shri Krishna, etc. all left their bodies.

Who was Jara?

There was none other than Vanar Raj Bali. Lord Rama, the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, shot an arrow hiding Bali in Treta Yuga. At the time of Krishna’s incarnation, God made the same Bali as a fowler named Jara and chose death for himself as he had given to Bali.

What happened after the death of Shri Krishna?

Arjun reached Dwarka after the death of Balarama and Shri Krishna. After reaching there, he himself said to the ministers that I will take Vrishni and Andhak dynasty people with me to Indraprastha, because the ocean will now submerge this whole city.

After this, Arjun performed the rituals of Pind Daan and Shradh etc. according to the rule of Yaduvanshi. After these rites, Arjuna returned to Indraprastha with the remnants of Yaduvansh.

After this Dwarka drowned in the sea. After receiving the information of Shri Krishna’s return to his abode, all the Pandavas started their journey towards heaven.

In this journey, one by one the Pandavas also left their bodies. Yudhishthira was the only person who reached heaven.

Frequently Asked question :
Question: Who killed Shri Krishna?
Answer:-Shri Krishna was killed by Zara. Just a hunter.
Question: How many years did Lord Krishna stay on earth?
Answer:-Lord Shri Krishna lived on earth for 125 years.
Question: Who was the successor of Lord Krishna?
Answer:-Lord Krishna’s grandson Vajranabh survived. Because his mother had a boon that no curse will affect your son.
Question: After Lord Krishna, who ran his dynasty?
Answer:- Vajranabh was the last ruler of Dwarka who ruled for less than a week in Dwarka.

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