Banke Bihari Temple Lord Krishna.

Banke Bihari Temple Lord Krishna.

Banke bihari temple

Brijbhoomi is the temple of Leelas of Giridhar-Gopal. This land has seen that form of God, which is called the absolute God. Every form of Shri Krishna is wonderful. One of these forms is of Shri Banke Bihari ji.

banke bihari temple.
banke bihari temple

There is a magnificent temple of Shri Banke Bihari ji in Vrindavan. According to the recognition, it is said that in the statue of Bihari ji is contained in Shri Krishna and Radha ji. Therefore, only the sight of Bankebihari ji gets the result as the sight of Radha-Krishna.

Swami Haridas Ji was the exclusive devotee of Lord Krishna. Sri Krishna took the form of Shri Banke Bihari on the request of his supreme devotee Swami Haridas. Swami Haridas used to worship Lord Krishna’s invisible form.

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It is said that Lord Krishna was absorbed in a form with Radha on the request of his devotee Haridas.
Shri Krishna is a form of real love. The one who loved Lord Krishna with conscience, he became the same.

Why Bake Bihari statue is covered at the Time of sight:

At the time of sight. The statue of Lord Shri Krishna is covered with curtains for a while. So that Lord Shri Krishna can not go out with the love of devotee and leave with any devotee. That is why the devotees are shown only the glance of Shri Krishna, so that the rain of blessing of Lord Shri Krishna remains on the whole world.
There is a glimpse of Lord Vishnu’s 16 kalas in the lilies of Shri Krishna. Their every form is the complete form of God.

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Story of Govardhan mountain:

Shri Krishna conveyed the message to the Vrindavan people that the Govardhan Mountains, not the Indra, who gave gifts to the money grains to their fields. Therefore, they should worship Govardhan mountain not the Indra. Since then, all the villages started worshiping the Govardhan Mountain. Angered by this, Indra had severe rainfall in Vrindavan.

banke bihari temple vrinadavan.

To protect the Vrindavan people from the wrath of Indra, Shri Krishna lifted the mountain of Govardhan on his finger. And in the shade of the Govardhan Mountain, the villagers have sheltered the whole 7 days till the end of the rains.

In Shri Bhagwat Geeta, Shri Krishna has said that the Govardhan Mountain is my body and I am Govardhan. Circularing Giriraj Govardhan is similar to doing the orbiting of Lord Shri Krishna.
Govardhana is called the King of Mountains. It is said that Shri Krishna first worshiped and revolve Govardhan.
Since then, this tradition has been going on till date. Govardhan Parikrma is the biggest worship of Shri Krishna. It is said that Shri Krishna had revealed Manasi Ganga to fulfill the desire of his mother Yashoda’s Ganga bath.

banke bihari temple

The prakima of Govardhan mountain is end on Mukharvind. Govardhan Mountain is considered to be the body of Lord Krishna and the Mukharvind is the mouth of Lord Krishna. Mukharvind is that place where Lord Krishna stood and raised Govardhan mountain on his finger.

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