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Importance of Sawan Month.

Sawan Month:

In this year,Sravan monthhas started on14July 2024. Shravan month begins on July 14. This time, in the month of Shravan, there are four Monday, which are considered to be very auspicious. The famousRaksha Bandhan and Nagapanchamiare worshiped in the month of Sawan.
Shravan month 2019

Sawan Lord shiva status

Date of fasting Shravan Monday

On Thursday, July 14, the first day of the month of Shravan
Monday, July 18, Monday fast
Monday, July 25, Savan, on Monday, fast
Monday, August 1, August fasting Monday
Monday, August 8, August fasting Monday
Sunday, August 12, the last day of the month of Shravan

Shravan Month Importance-

The month of Sawan has great importance in Hinduism. Because Lord Shiva is worshiped in the month of Shravan. According to the Hindu calendar, this month is the fifth month of the month and according to the English calendar the month of Saawan comes in July-August. During this time, Savan is known as the highest importance of Monday fast. In fact, the most beloved of Lord Shiva is Lord Bholenath. This month there is a tradition of fasting and saawan baths on Monday. In the month of Shravan, worshiping Lord Bholenath from Bell letter and offering water to him is considered very fruitful. According to Shiv Purana, anyone who makes a vow of Monday in this month, Lord Shiva completes all his wishes.
Shravan mass.

Importance of Kanwar Yatra

In the holy month of Shravan, Shiva devotees organizeKanwar Yatra. During this time, lakhs of Shiva devotees travel to Shivnagiri, Haridwar and Gangotri Dham situated in Deoband, Uttarakhand. They bring footstools filled with water from the pilgrimage sites and keep them on their shoulders and they offer this Ganga water on Shiva Ji.

Legends of Kanwar Yatra

According to mythological belief, it is said that when the sea churning was taking place between the Gods and the Asura. Then there were 14 gems coming out of that churn. There was a poison with those fourteen gems, which threatened to destroy the universe.
Then Lord Shiva drank that poison to protect the universe and did not let it down from his throat. Mahadev’s neck became blue with the influence of poison, and that’s why he got the name Nilkantha. It is said that Ravana was the true devotee of Shiva. He brought the Ganges in the canvas and by the same water he anointed Shivlinga and then Lord Shiva attained liberation from this poison.

Fasting and worship method-

● Get up before sunrise morning and take a bath after retiring from defecation.
● Go to Shiva temple and offer milk to Lord Shiva.
● Then take a resolution of Mahadev’s fast with full devotion
● Pray for Lord Shiva twice a day (morning and evening)
● Burn the lamp of sesame oil for worship and offer floral to Lord Shiva
● Offer leaves of betel leaf, pancreatic nectar, coconut and vine, including mantras, to Shiva
● Be sure to read the fast fiction story during the fast.
● Distribute the offerings as soon as the worship is over
● Open the fast after the end of the worship in the evening and eat normal food.


ChantOm Namah Shivayduring worship Lord Shiva.

Sawan Maas is dedicated to Shiva. It is said that if a devotee fasts Mahadev with a true mind and full reverence in theSawan month, he surely receives the blessings of Shiva.

Married women keep their married life happy and unmarried women keep a fast for Shiva ji in Sawan.

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