The story of birth of the Ganga. Who brought the Ganga to the earth and why?

The birth story of Ganga ji And Sati ji.

Two very beautiful and full-fledged daughters of the King Himalaya. The mother's name was Maina of these daughters who was the daughter of the King Sumeru. The name of the elder daughter of the Himalayas was Ganga and younger daughter's name was Sati.

   Om Namah Shivaya
history of Sati.

History of Ganga-

The Ganga was very influential and extraordinary with divine qualities. She does not live in any fastening, pursuing intact routes. By this extraordinary talent, the gods took the Ganga from the Himalayas in view of the welfare of the world, the second daughter of Himalayaraj, Sati was a great ascetic. she received Mahadev ji as a husband by hard penance.

When the marriage of Mahadev ji and Sati had been done but not even a single child was born for 100 years. Once upon a time, Mahadev ji got the idea of ​​producing a child in his mind. When the Gods got it, they started thinking that who could handle the glory of the son of Shiva, he presented his doubt before Shiva, by which, the fire assumed this burden, and as a consequence, the great stunning Swami Kartikeya born to be the son of Sati. from this conspiracy of  Gods, Sati become very angry and she cursed the Gods that in the future they would never become a father.

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The story of King Sagar -

Sagar is the king Ayodhaypuri  and he had no son. The king saggar had two wives. one wife is Keshini and second wife is sumati. Maharaja Sagar, on both the queens, went to the province of Bhriguprasvarna of Himalaya and started practicing yagna for obtaining the son. Maharshi Bhrigu pleased him that he will get many sons. one wife only one son, who will increase the lineage and the other wife will have sixty thousand sons. Which queen how many sons wants this? Keshini wished one son who was raising the lineage and Sumati wished  sixty thousand strong sons.

At the right time, Queen Keshini gave birth to a son named Asamanjas. A Egge who came out of the womb of Rani Sumati, who got small sixty thousand sons when she burst. All of them were brought up by keeping them in the clutches of ghee. The cycle was passed and all the prince young. The eldest son of sagar was very bad. He was thrilled to see the children of the city thrown in the river Sarayu and drowning. Sadly, the Sagar deserted him from his kingdom..Asamanjas had a son named Anshuman. Anshuman is very virtuous and mighty. One day, the idea of ​​making a yagna was done in the mind of King Sagar. He soon turned his ideas into action.

 King Sagar constructed a huge yagna mandap on the green land between the Himalayas and Vindhyachal. Then after leaving the Shyamkarn horse for Ashwamedh yagna, he sent the mighty Anshuman along with the army behind him to protect him.

 Indra stole the horse by wearing the form of a monster. After receiving the horse's theft information, Sagar ordered his sixty thousand sons to bring the horse back by catching the thief. Even when the horse did not find it in the whole earth, then, with the fear that no one was hiding the horse in the basement, Sagar's sons started digging the whole earth. Many of his earthquake survivors were killed by this work. They dig the excavations and reach the lake. Brahma ji said that the gods of his dastardly act complained to Brahma ji that these prince were doing this by being blind in anger.

  Protecting the Earth is on Kapilamuni, so they will do something about this matter. Even after the excavation of the whole earth, when a horse and a thief who stole it, they were disappointed and the princes gave it to their father. After being angry, Sagar ordered that the horse go to the underpass and you find him.

 He reached the ashram of Sanatan Vasudev Kapilamuni who searched for a horse in the pool. They saw Kapildev eyes closed. And they have got a horse of sacrifice. They considered Kapil Muni as a thief and called him many abuses and ran to kill him. The mischief of Kapil Muni was dissolved by the misdeeds of the sons of the people. they became angry and consumed all the sixty thousand sons of the king sagar.

When King Sagar did not get the information of his sons for a long time, he ordered his stunning grandson Anshuman to find his sons and horses.Vir Anshuman went out to search for Patal, where he reached that place The ashes of the fleshly bodies of his uncles were lying there, and there was also a horse of sacrifice. He was very sad to see the bodies of his uncle, he immersed them. He started searching for the reservoir, but he could not see the reservoir any more.

Then his eyes fell on his uncle's Garuda, and he bowed down to him and asked him how to immerse him. If you know anything about their death, then please tell me also. Garud ji told how his uncles accompanied Kapil Muni After that, Kapil Muni consumed them all, after which Garud Ji told Anshuman that they were all consumed by the divine power of supernatural power and hence immersion in their normal water will not be saved.

 Their salvation is possible only by the water of Ganga, the eldest daughter of the Himalayas. Now you go back with the horse so that the sacrifice of your grandfather can be fulfilled. According to Garuda ji, Anshuman returned to Ayodhya and told his grandfather the whole story. King Sagar fulfilled the sacrifice with a sad heart. They wanted to bring Ganga on earth to save their sons. But they did not get any tips to do this.

(History of Ganga River) Who brought the Ganga to the earth and why?   

After the death of King Sagara, Anshuman began to rule with great fairness .His son name was Dilip. when Dilip was grown, after submitting the burden of the kingdom to Dilip, Anshuman to go to the Himalaya Kandras and to make the Ganga happy. But they did not succeed.

When King Bhagirath, son of King Dilip, grew up, Dilip also went to perform the penance to bring the Ganga to the Earth, but he also did not get any desired result.

history of ganga river

King Bhagiratha was a great king, but they did not have any children. by handing over the burden of their kingdom to the Mantris, To bring them to the earth, they went on a pilgrimage called Gokarna to perform rigorous austerities. Pleased with their austerities, Brahma ji asked them to ask for help. Brahma said to Lord Brahma, "Oh Lord!" If you are pleased with me, then give me this blessing that the sons of Sagar should get the water of Ganga so that they can be saved, besides this I also should increase the blessing of the child so that Ikshvanku dynasty do not get destroyed.

Brahma ji said that your aspiration of the child will soon come true, but the difficulty in giving your first gift to you is that when the Ganga will come to earth with the velocity, the earth will not be able to handle its velocity. The ability to handle is not in anyone other than Mahadev ji. That is why you have to please Mahadev ji. By saying so, Brahma ji went away from his place.

 Ganga river origin:

ganges river facts.

"Bhagirath did not give up courage, he stood by the thumb of the feet for one year and practiced penance of Mahadev ji. In the end, pleased with this great devotion, Mahadev ji appeared to Bhagiratha and said" O Bhakta-sreshtha! " To fulfill his wish, he will hold Ganga on his head. Ganga ji came on the head with a tremendous speed, Shiva ji took the guts in his jhatazut. Lord Shankar left Ganga in Bindusar on the Himalayas.

ganga river origin

 After which Ganga was divided into seven streams, three streams of Ganga jammed flowed towards east of Haldini, Pavani and Nalini, three streams named Sukshshu, Sita and Sindhu.

river ganges pilgrimage.

She followed behind Bhagiratha. Ganga ji reached the place where the sage were sacrificing the yagna, and the Ganga began to take away all the material from their yagya. In which it caused the anger of the sage to become very angry, All drinked water. Seeing this, all the sage Munis were greatly amazed and they started praying for the liberation of Ganga. Pleased with their prayers, Jahnu Rishi removed Ganga ji from his ears and accepted him as his daughter. Since then Ganga has been called Jahnvi.

biography of ganga river.

After this he went behind the Bhagirath to reach the sea and from there he went to the abyss to save the sons of Sagar. The son of Sagar, who was fragile with the touch of his water, went to heaven after being innocent.

From that day three names of the Ganga are called, Tripathaga, Jahnavi and Bhagirathi.


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