Happy Father’s Day Quotes, Wishes, Message

Happy Father’s Day Quotes, Wishes, Message

Fathers Day Wishes:

Father’s Dayis celebrated every year on the third Sunday of June. This day is dedicated to show respect to the father and his love and sacrifice. This year Father’s Day will be celebrated in India on 19th June.
Father’s Dayis an occasion that brings an opportunity to make our father feel special and to acknowledge and honor his contribution to the whole family and make us understand the importance of father in our life.

Fathers Day Quotes:

“You can change but father’s love never changes.”

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“Father’s scolding may be bitter but it is as beneficial as medicine.”

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“The happiness of a father is doubled when he gets recognized by the work of his son.”

“A father is as important as 100 teachers.”

“Father’s discipline is what makes you great in life.”

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“Every moment there is a feeling of happiness when father is near.”

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“Fathers are like coconuts. Even though they may appear harsh from above, but from inside they have boundless love for us.”

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“No matter how angry a father gets, he forgives every mistake of his child from his heart.”

“A father dreams for his children and tries his best to make them come true.”

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“Every moment there is a feeling of happiness when father is near.”

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“If there is a father, then the world is happy, without a father everything is deserted.”

“Father’s love and discipline is what inspires you to move ahead in life. “

“Father’s discipline is what makes you great in life. “

“No matter how much sorrow comes, but never let the shadow of sorrow fall on your children, such are the fathers.”

“The happiest moment for a father is when he gets to know his children.”

“Life is deserted without a father, every road is deserted in a lonely journey, it is necessary to have a father in life, with a father every path is easy.”

Happy Fathers Day Images:

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