Who Created the Universe in Hinduism?

Who Created the Universe in Hinduism?

Who created the universe?

According toPuranas, the world was created byBrahma ji.One dayBrahma jisearched for the gods till the end of the water by entering the hole of the lotus, but God found them not anywhere.
Who created the universe?

Creation of Universe in vedas:

Brahma jispent hundreds of years searching for his devotional God. At last, Brahma ji tooksamadhi. Through this Samadhi, he saw his Lord in his soul. Vishnu bhagwan was lying alone on the bed of sheshnag ji. Brahma Ji received the order of creation fromLord Vishnuand left the lotus hole and sat onKamal Kosh. After this, they started thinking about the creation of the world.

who created the universe in hinduism?
Brahma ji self-made three parts of the lotusbhu: bhuv: sva:. when Brahma ji decided to make the creation firmly determination to create the universe, then he created
  • marichi from their mind,
  • atri from their eye,
  • angira from their mouth,
  • pulstya from their ear
  • seru from their hands
  • pulah from their navel
  • bhrigu from their skin
  • vashist from their prana
  • daksha from their thumb
  • narad ji from their lap
  • riligion from their right breast
  • wrath from their back
  • anger from their both eyebrows,
  • Saraswati from their mouth
  • greed from the lower lip,
  • kardam rishi their shadow
  • The rigveda from their east facing
  • The samveda from their west facing
  • The atharveda from their north facing
  • The yajurveda from their south facing
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Thus, this entire universe was born from the mind and body of Brahma ji. Once, Brahma ji got disgraced from one event and left his body.
He took his abandoned body into the form of hoarseness and darkness.

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Thereafter, Brahma ji composed the sub-Vedas of Ayurveda, Dhanurveda, Gandharvvad. He created history Purana from his mouth and then composed Yog Vidyas, donations, tenets, truths, religions etc. From their heart, Omkar appeared.

How Brahma ji created Manu and Satarupa:

In spite of all this, Brahma ji felt that my creation was not increasing, so he split his body into two parts whose names were‘ka’ and ‘ya’ (kaya). One from two parts, man And the second woman was born. Man’s name wasManuand the woman’s name wasShatarupa. Manu and Shatarupa started the human world.

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All the people of the world were born from these first men and woman.they are called human because of the son of Manu

Manu, on the bank of sunanda river, did penance for 100 year. Both husband and wife have practiced penance for a long time on the banks of Gaumati. At that place the settlements of both have remained.

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