Why Brahma ji is not Worshiped?

Why Brahma ji is not Worshiped?

Why Brahma ji is not worshiped?

The Trinity of Hinduism – Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh knows the whole world. On one hand Brahmaji, who is the creator of this universe, on the other hand Vishnuji is going to keep the world alive. But Mahesh means that Lord Shiva is considered destructive, because when the sin increases on earth, then they show their radar form.

Why Brahma ji is not Worshiped?

Temple of Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva-

There is no doubt that there are many ancient and honorable temples all over the world ofLord Vishnu and Lord Shankar.The temples are either themselves in their name or in the name of any incarnation associated with them.

Life of Lord Brahma-

Brahmaji gave us the knowledge of the four Vedas. According to Hindu religion, his physical structure is also very different. Brahmaji will deliver his devotees for every Vedas in four faces and four hands.

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Lord Brahma Temple-

Why do people not worship Brahma ji? Do you know that there are temples of Lord Brahma ji on the earth, but there is forbidden worship of Brahma ji even on there. but why is it so?

Lord Brahma Temple.

The answer to this question has been given in a mythology. once in the mind of Lord Brahmaji, the idea of ​​yagna for the good of the earth came. To search for a place for yagna was to find.

To solve this, he sent a lotus out of his arm towards the earth. at the place where the lotus fell down, a temple of Brahmaji has been built.This place is located inPushkar town of Rajasthan,where The pond was also constructed by falling a part of that flower.

Life of Lord brahma.

In today’s time this temple is known asJagat Guru Brahma‘ temple. Where long queues of pilgrims can be seen. But still does not worship any Brahmaji. Every year on Kartik Purnima there is a fair around this temple.

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Brahma Ji Story:

It has been said in the story that three drops were thrown out of the earth by Brahma, one of which fell on Pushkar place. Now after selecting the place, Brahmaji reached the exact spot for the yagna where the flower fell. But his wifeSavitricould not reach the time.

Brahmaji noticed that the time of yagna is passing, if not started at the right time, its effect would not be good. But they needed a woman for yagna, so they married a localGwal girland sat in the yagna.
Now the yajna had begun, but after a while, Savitri reached there and she became angry after seeing any other woman in her place in Yajna. In anger, he cursed Brahmaji and said that there will not be any worship in your earth. You will never miss the public life here.

Seeing this form of Savitri, all the deities were scared. He pleaded with them to please take your curse back. But Savitri, full of anger, did not listen to them. When his anger became cold after some time, he said that on this earth you will be worshiped in Pushkar only. If someone else builds your temple then it will be destroyed.

Lord brahma wife

Brahmaji lived in Pushkar’s place for ten thousand years. In these years, he composed the entire creation. When the entire creation was done, he sacrificed five days to develop the universe.
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According to legend, Savitri had reached there during that yagya. After the curse of which the pond is worshiped even today, but Brahmaji is not worshiped. Even today, devotees pray only from a distance, but no one does their duty to worship them. In this town of Pushkar with Brahma, mother Savitri also has considerable recognition.

It is said that after the anger became calm, Savitri went to the hills near Pushkar and started doing penance and then went there for ever. According to the belief, the Goddess still lives here and welfare of her devotees.

Goddess Savitri is considered to be goddess of good luck in Hindu religion. People have such a belief that the husband has a long life due to worship in this temple of Goddess.

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