History of Amarnath Temple and Caves.

History of Amarnath Temple and Caves.

The History of Amarnath Temple

Every year hundreds of thousands of devotees visit Amarnath, Kailash and Mansarovar shrines in Himalaya. Hundreds of kilometers to travel, why? This belief does not grow up only. Amarnath’s visit between Shiva’s beloved superhumas, or full moon full moon till the month of Shravan, seems to be relevant to the devotees due to the secrets related to themselves.

amarnath history.

Baba Amarnath History:

OnceGoddess ParvatiaskedLord Mahadev(Shiv ji),”why is it that you are immortal but I have to come after new birth, after every birth and again you have to get after a lot of tenacity. When I have to get you, then why my austerity and such a difficult test? What are the secrets of getting Naramund Mala lying in your throat and immortal?”

Mahadev did not consider it appropriate to answer the questions of goddess Parvati before, but due to reapeted inquiries of goddess Parvati, he had to tell her some hidden secrets.

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Baba Amarnath Gufa:

According to mythological beliefs, the cave of Amarnath is the place where Lord Shiva had told the secret ofGodess Parvatibeingimmortal, during that time there were no other creatures in the ‘two Jyoti’. Neither Mahadev’s Nandi nor his serpent, neither Ganesh nor Ganga nor Kartikey.

While searching for a secret place, Mahadev left his vehicle Nandi first, the place Nandi left on was calledPahalgam. Amarnath Yatra starts from right here. On going a little ahead from here, Shivaji separated the moon from his hair, the place where he did this is calledChandanwadi. After this, he left Ganga inPanchtaraniand his snake left inSheshnag. thus the name of this stop wasSheshnag.
In Amarnath Yatra, the next step after Pahalgam is Ganesh Top, it is believed that Mahadev left his son Ganesh at this place. This place is also calledMahaguna’s mountain. After this, where Mahadev abandoned the insect named Pissu, the place isPissu valley.
Thus Mahadev separated himself from the life-style of the five elements. After this Mahadev entered into a cave with Parvati. No third person, that is, no person, animal or bird could hear the story going inside the cave, so they lit the fire around. Then Mahadev started the story of the mysterious secret of life.
It is said that listening to the story, the Goddess Parvati fell asleep and Mahadev did not know it, she kept on saying. This story was listening to twowhite pigeonsat that time and in the middle the voice of gobbing was blowing. Mahadev thought that Parvati was listening to the story and was humming in between. so his attention did not go on to the pigeons.

Both pigeons kept listening, when ka Mahadev’s meditation on Parvati came to an end, they came to know that she was sleeping. So who was listening to the story? After seeing his eyes on two pigeons, Mahadev got angry. At the same place, the pair of pigeons came to his shelter and said, God has listened to you from the Amarkatha.

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If you kill us then this story will be false, give us the path. On this, Mahadev gave him a boon that you will always live in this place in the symbol of Shiva and Parvati. Finally this pair of pigeon became immortal and this cave became a testimony to the story of Amarkatha. In this way the name of this place was Amarnath.

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It is believed that today the devotees of the two pigeons see philosophy. In Amarnath cave, it is also a miracle of nature that on the special days of worshiping Shiva, ice shivlaging takes its shape. Shivaling here is nothing short of surprising. In the sacred cave, different patterns of snow produced from Mother Parvati and Shrigagnesh can also be seen.

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