Amarnath Temple History and Yatra Route

Amarnath Temple History and Yatra Route

Amarnath Temple:

Amarnath templeis a Hindu pilgrimage place located inJammu and Kashmirof India. Amarnath temple is located at a height of3,888 meters from Srinagar,capital of Jammu and Kashmir.
In Hinduism, this Pilgrimage place is of great importance. And in Hindu, Amarnath Pilgrimage place is also considered to be the most sacred.

amarnath temple.
Amarnath Temple

History of Amarnath Temple-

There are snowy hills all around this cave. Rather, the cave is completely covered with snow most of the time and once a year the cave is also opened for the devotees.

Thousands of people come every day to visit Baba Amarnath who is inside the cave, comes in huge amounts every year to see the idol.

It is also mentioned in history that great ruler Arya Raja used to worship the snow-shaped Shivling in Kashmir. It is also named Amarnath or Amareshwar in the Rajatangini book.

It is said that in the 11th century Rani Surimthi had given Trishul, Banalinga and other holy symbols as gifts to the temple. The journey of Amarnath cave was started by the Thaibhabhatta. Along with this there are also other stories about this cave in history.

The Search of the Holy Cave – Baba Barfani Gufa Amarnath Temple
It is said that after the middle time, people were forgetting this cave before finding it again by priests in 15th century.

Another story related to this cave is from Bhrigu Muni. Long ago, it was said that the Valley of Kashmir was submerged and Kashyap Muni had flown the Kui rivers.
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That is why when the water started drying, Bhrugu Muni first saw Lord Amarnath ji.

After this, when the people heard about Amarnath Linga, this Ling called Bhagwan Bholenath Shivaling and now every year millions of pilgrims come to visit Lord Amarnath.

Shivlinga of Amarnath Temple-

In the 40 meter high Amarnath cave, due to frozen drops of water, an ascending deposit of stone becomes.

People of Hindu religion consider this snowy stone to be Shivlinga.
This cave remains of wax from May to August. Because the ice from the Himalayas melts on the cave and starts to freeze on this cave. And we get to see the same replication of Shivlinga.

Due to the dawn of these months, the day of Shivalinga decreases day by day. It is said that according to the time of the rising of the sun and the moon and the setting of the state, this gender is also very small. But there is no scientific evidence of this.

According to Hindu Mahatma, this is the same cave where Lord Shiva explained to the mother Parvati the importance of life.

According to other beliefs, the stone made of ice represents Parvati and Ganeshji, son of Shivaji.

The main annual pilgrimage to this cave is to replace the ice from the Shivling.

Route of Amarnath Temple:

Devotees travel on foot from Srinagar or Pahalgam. It takes approximately 5 days to travel after this.

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State Transport Corporation and Private Transport Operator provide daily travel services from Jammu to Pahalgam and Balatal. With this we can also make private taxi from Jammu and Kashmir.

The northern route is about 16 kilometers long, but it is very difficult to climb the path. This path starts from the pedestrians and reaches the cave through Domil, Burari and Sangam. On the northern side, we also see Amarnath valley and Amravati river which is connected to the Amarnath Glacier.

It is said that Lord Shiva had left Nandi and bull in Pahalgam (bull village). In Chandanwadi, he left Chandra with his jets. And they left their snake on the edge of the Sheshnag lake.

He left Lord Ganesha on the Mahagunas (Mahaganesh hill) mountain. On Panjartani they left the five elements – earth, water, air, fire and sky. And thus leaving all the things in the world, Lord Shiva did not dance there. And finally the holy cave with Lord Devi Parvati came to Amarnath.

Amarnath Yatra-

Here, Lord Amarnath Baba’s temple is a famous and holy place for Hindus. It is said that in 2011 about 635,000 people had come here, and it is a record in itself. This number was 625,000 in 2012 and 3,50,000 in 2013.

Every year the devotees arrive at Lord Amarnath’s 45-day festival to see and visit them. Most devotees come in the month of July and August only during the Shravani Mela.

When the journey of Amarnath starts, it is also called the first worship of Lord Shri Amarnathji.

In the olden times, the way to go towards the cave was passing through Rawalpindi (Pakistan) but now we can go directly to Jammu from the train.

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The best time of this journey is in the time of Guru Purnima and Shravan Purnima. The Jammu and Kashmir government has provided all the facilities for the convenience of the pilgrims. So that devotees could easily complete their Amarnath Yatra. But many times the rain in the travel of passengers comes as a hindrance.

Bus services from Jammu to Pahalgam (7500 feet) are also available.

Amarnath Yatra Organizer –

Officially, the state government organizes the trip together with the Amarnath Yatra Board.
Government agencies provide all the facilities that are required during the visit, to all devotees including clothes, food, tents and telecommunication.

Amarnath means two words in Hindi: “Amar” means “Anishwar” and “Nath” by adding “God”.

According to a legend, when Goddess Parvati asked Lord Shiv to reveal the secret of immortality, which they were hiding from them for a long time. Then to reveal this secret, Lord Shiva took Parvati to this cave in the Himalayas so that no one could hear this secret, and that Lord Shiva told the goddess Parvati the mystery of immortality.

Amarnath Yatra Facilities:

Every year thousands of Central and State Government police personnel are stationed in the security of devotees. Army camps are also engaged in place.

On the way to the cave, many social service institutions arrange for the Shirdaluas to arrange food, tents or pandals.

More than 100 pandals are imposed on the way of travel, which we can also rent for staying at night. The helicopter facility from Panjarnarani (6 kms from the cave) is also given from the lower camp.

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