Short Story of Ramayana Summary.

Short Story of Ramayana Summary.

Ramayana Summary:

Ramayana, based on the life of Maryadapurushotam Rama.Ramayanais the most reverent religious scripture of Hindus. Written by Rishi Valmiki ‘Ramayana’ and ‘Ramcharitmanas‘ written by Tulsidas, is the story of the life of Lord Rama. Valmiki Ramayana has been written in 7 Kands. Ramayana is the source of inspiration for the people. Ramayana has been considered as the form of Rama.

ramayana summary.

The story of Ramayana is very long, but today we are presenting a short form of this story in front of you.

1- Bala Kand:

Ram Lord was born onNavami of Chaitra month(10th January 5114)in Ayodhya, under King Dasharath and Mata Kaushalya. King Dasharath had three queens namedKaushalya, Sumitra and Kaikeyi.The four sons of King Dasharath were born, who were known by names likeRama, Lakshman, Bharat and Shatrughan.

bala kand

Ram was the son of Mata Kaushalya, Bharat, mother Kaikeyi and Laxman and Shatrughan are son of Mata Sumitra. A few years later, he received education from Guru Vasishta.

Later, in order to protect the sacrifice of Guru Vishwamitra, Shriram killed the demons like Tadaka, Subahu and Marich, and then keep curse free Ahilya. In Janakpur, Sriram took part in Swayamvar of Mata Sita and married with Sita Mata. Shree Rama met Mother Sita in the Swayamber of Mother Sita, which was assembled by King Janak of Mithila. It was organized in search of good groom for Mother Sita. The condition was that whatever Shiva can lift the bow and pull the bow will be married to Sita. All the kings tried, but they could not move the bow. When the turn of Shri Ram came, Shri Ram lifted the bow and tried to drag his wire as it was broken into two pieces. Thus, the marriage of Shri Rama and Sita was made.

2. Ayodhya Kand:

After Ram-Sita’s marriage, King Dasharath announced the coronation of Rama. But only after Manthra was provoked, Queen Kaikayi asked King Dasharath to complete the two words given by him, who, once, by the help of Queen Kaikeyi, to save the life of King Dasharath. This time King Dasharath gave Kaikeyi two boon.

Ayodhya kand

According to Manthra, Kaikayi asked for two promises, First was ram go for 14 years of exile and second was the coronation of Bharat. While following the word given by King Dasharath, Shriram, Mata Sita and Lakshman left for exile.

On the other hand, the death of King Dasarath and death due to the curse given by the parents of Shravan Kumar. Bharat went to the forest to meet Ram. Bharat told Ram to return to Ayodhya, but Ram refused and Ram gave his Foot-Steps(Padukas) to Bharat. Bharata returned to Ayodhya after taking the padukas and started making huts out of Ayodhya and as a form of saint Bharat will live in hut. Bharat brought the Padukas of Ram and put it on the throne.
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3- Aranya Kand:

Lord Rama, Lakshman and Sita met Rishi Atri and his wife Anusuya in the forest. Ram, Sita and Lakshman left for exile. On the way, they killed many monsters. They started making a hut in Chitrakoot and lived there.

In the mean time Raavan’s young sister, Surpanakha, saw Rama and she was fascinated. He tried to get Rama but Ram replied – I am married.try to my brother Laxman. She offered a marriage proposal in the front of Laxman, but Laxman refused to accept it. Then Surpanaka got angry and attacked Sita. Seeing this Lakshman cut her nose with a knife.

She was crying with his cut nose, when Surpanakha was reached Lanka, Ravan got very angry after knowing all the things. After that, Raavan planned for Sita kidnapping.

Under the Sita kidnapping, Ravana sent the Marich monk as a beautiful Deer near Chitrakoot’s cottage. When Mata Sita saw Marich as the Deer, she asked Shri Ram to bring that Deer. After that Ram went behind him after catching that deer and ordered Laxman to not leave Sita and not go anywhere.

After a lot of chase, Ram hit that deer with arrows. As soon as Ram’s arrow became deer, Marich came in his real monster form and he started calling for help of Sita and Lakshman in the voice of Rama. When Sita heard the lamentation of that monk in the voice of Rama, she got nervous and asked Lakshman to go to the forest to help Ram. Laxman secured Sita’s cottage from “Laxman Line“.

According to the plan, Ravana reached the cottage as a Saint and started the voice of Bhiksham Dehi. As soon as Ravan got his feet on the Laxman line near the cottage, his feet started burning, Ravan asked Mata Sita to come out and give food. As soon as Mother Sita got out of Lakshman Rekha, Ravana kidnapped her in a Pushpak plane.

When Ram and Laxman came to know that they were deceived, then they did not get any of the cottage. When Ravana was taking Sita to the Pushpak plane, the old Jatayu bird fought to rescue Sita from Ravan, but Ravana cut the wings of Jatayu. When Ram and Lakshman were going on looking for Sita, Jatayu’s body was lying on the way. When Rama and Lakshman asked him about Sita, Jatayu told them that Ravan had taken Mother Sita and then Jatayu died.

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4- Kishkindha Kand-

While searching for Sita, Shri Ram met Sugriva, Hanuman and all the Vanara Sena. Hanuman was the minister of King Sugriva of Kisindha. Ram and Hanuman met for the first time at theRishikukh Mountainswhere Sugriva and his companions lived. Sugriva’s brother‘Bali‘ also snatched her state from her and kept her wife in custody.
kiskindha kand.
Shri Rama slaughtered Bali and made Sugriva king of Kisindha again. After this, Hanuman, Sugriva, Jamwant, together, led the army of Sugriva and sent their forces in four directions. Hanuman took an army towards the south. A monkey named Sampati said that on the other side of the southern ocean the state of Ravana is. After Jammant gave attention to know all the powers of Hanuman, Hanuman went to Lanka after flying over the sea.

5- Sundar Kand-

Hanuman searched mother Sita everywhere in Lanka but she could not find him. When Hanumanji met Vibhishan, Vibhishan told that Ravana had kept Sita Mata in Ashok Vatika. Hanuman ji took a small look and reached Ashok Vatika. Hanuman put the ring of Shri Ram in front of Sita ji.
Sundara kand.
Seeing the ring of Shri Ram, tears of happiness came out of Sita’s eyes. But Sita Mata was skeptical about whether there was any such move of Ravana. Then Sita’s mother called the person who came with the ring. After that Hanuman ji appeared, but Sita’s mother did not believe in seeing Hanuman ji.
After this, Hanuman ji described Ramchandra’s qualities with sweet words and told that he is the messenger of Shri Ram ji. Sita asked with distraction about Shri Ram ji. Hanuman ji replied – It is mother! Shri Ram is fine and he miss you a lot. They will be able to take you very soon and will send your message to Shri Ram soon. Then Hanuman asked Sita from the mother to show a sign to see Ram, then Mother Sita lifted her bracelet from Hanuman.

The army of Ravana was set on fire in Hanuman’s tail. Hanuman ji burnt his whole lanka with his tail. From there Hanuman ji returned to Shri Ram and there he told Shri Ram about Sita’s mother and also showed his bracelet. Seeing the sign of Sita Mata, Shri Ram became happy.

Now it was a matter of concern for the army of Shri Ram and Vanar how the entire army could be able to move to the other side of the ocean. Sri Ram Ji requested the sea that Samudra Dev should give way that their army could cross the sea. But even though the sea did not listen to him.

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Then Ram got angry and demanded bow from Lakshman. As soon as Shri Rama did this, the sea god appeared scared and he said, “Hey Ram! There are two apes in your army. Nal and Neel can touch any big thing then it was swearing in the water. According to his advice, Nal and Neel wrote the name of Shri Ram on the stone and saw the fank in the ocean, the stone started swimming, thus Ram’s army made the bridge in the sea, and from this bridge, Ram and their army arrived Lanka.

6. Lanka Kand or Yudh Kand –

Ram and his army reached Lanka from Setu Marg and Ram made Angad an ambassador and sent him for a treaty before Ravana. But Ravana did not obey Ram’s command before his pride. Then the war was announced. Fearful war has started.
Yudha kand.
Ravana has sent all his brave warriors to the battlefield. But all the demons were defeated by Rama and his army. Laxman has an arrow in the battle of Laxman and Meghnath. Hanuman brought theSanjivani bootyfor their treatment. Then Lakshman killedMeghnadand Rama killedKumbhakaran.
After that there was a fierce battle betweenShriram and Ravana. In the war Ram Lord defeated Ravana. Then the coronation of Vibhishan was done. Sita’s mother was brought from Lanka and she had to undergo a fire test to prove her purity. In the end, Shriram, Mother Sita and Lakshman, reached the Ayodhya with the apes, by the Pushpak aircraft.

7- Uttar Kand-

In order to reach Ayodhya of Lord Rama, a festival was organized by Ayodhavasi. After this, with great joy everyone made the coronation of Shriram. In these 7 Kands, the entire character of Ram’s life has been depicted. After this, due to Sita’s mother being taken by Ravana, they were scuttled by all the people of Ayodhya. Then Shriram sent him into the forest.
Sita Mata started living in Rishi Valmiki’s ashram There they were born of two moon-shaped babies. His name wasLuv and Kush. He was very mighty and valiant like his father Ram. He won Ashwamedh Yagna Attended Ram’s court and narrated the life story of Ram-Sita in his sweet words.
Then Rishi Valmiki told Ram that they were both sons of his own. Then Lord Rama regretted his mistake. Finally, Sita requested Mother Earth that they should take her in their shelter. Then the earth broke and Mother Sita got absorbed in it. In this way, Valmiki completed in Ramayana 7 Kands.

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