15 Interesting Facts About Golden Temple

15 Interesting Facts About Golden Temple

Golden Temple(Sri Harmandir Sahib)

Golden Temple(Sri Harmandir Sahib)is the most sacred shrine of the Sikhs all over the world. Golden Temple gets its name because pure gold coating on its upper floors and domes. What makes the golden Temple so special?

golden temple facts.

Here are 15 Interesting facts aboutGolden Templethat you need to know about Golden Temple in Amritsar.

1.) The meaning of the name ofSri Harmandir Sahibis “Temple of God“. People of all castes and religions come to this temple without any discrimination.

2.) An interesting point about this temple is that people can enter four directions in this temple because it is the gateway of this temple in all four directions. This four door reflects the unity of the people.

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3.) Golden temple is built in the middle of the nectar lake, the Amrita Sarovar is considered as the most sacred lake.

4.) The guru has also exhibited ancient historical objects of Sikhism, which is seen by crores of devotees from India and abroad.

6.) This temple was broken several times, the Mughals first and then the Afghans had broken the temple. That is why it is also considered a symbol of the victory of Sikhism.

7.) The main hall of the Golden Temple was the house of Guru Granth Sahib.

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8.) It is said that the Golden Temple today is a global heritage, where people come from foreign countries and also from foreign countries and its anchorage service is also the biggest service in the world. Here more than 40000 people serve daily.

9.) The most interesting and knowledgeable thing about this temple is that this temple is made of white marble. Which is covered with real gold. That is why it is also called Golden Temple.

10.) Nearly 40000 people come to see the golden temple every day, while only 12,000 people come to see the Taj Mahal.

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11.) The golden temple was first made of bricks and stones, but later it was made of marble and it was made of gold.

12.) The land for theGolden Templewas donated by the Mughal ruler Akbar.

13.) In order to win the World War I, the British had a Akhand Path here.

14.) The world’s largest “Langar” is installed in the Golden Temple. More than one lakh people come here to eat every day and in the days of festivals, this figure reaches two lakhs.

15.) Golden Temple has more than 500kg of gold which costs in today’s date is more than 140 crores.

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