First Human to be Born on the Earth.

First Human to be Born on the Earth.

Who was the first human to be born on the earth?

The first man came to the earth wasSwayambhuva Manuand the first woman wasShatarupa.All the people of the world were born from the first men and women. Manu is said to be Manav because of being a descendant of Manu..

Who is the first human.

Swayambhuv ‘Manuis also called as Aadi. ‘Aadi.’ means the start.Words of all languages Man, Manu, Adam etc. are all forms of Manu word. It is said that this is the‘Adam’of Jainism.

The human is said to be the most active in the mind. Man has the power of the mind, the power to think, that is why it is called man.

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In Hinduism, Swayambhuva Manu’s descendants had a total of 7 Manu and 7 Manu remaining. In the Mahabharata 8 Manu have be mentioned. There is a mention of 14 humans inThe Svetvarah kalpa. These fourteen human beings have been called“Kulkar”in Jainism.

Name of fourteen manusms-

  1. Syambhu,
  2. Swaroshish
  3. Autami,
  4. Tamas Manu
  5. Raivat
  6. Chakshush,
  7. Vaivasvat,
  8. Surya Savarni,
  9. Daksh Savarni,
  10. Brahm Savarni,
  11. Dharam Savaarni
  12. Rudra Sravani
  13. Dev Savarni,
  14. Bhaut or Indra Savrani.

In Prajapati Kalp, Brahma manifested Manu as Rudra form and Shatarupa as a woman form.

Thee children of Manu and Shatarupa-

Manu and Shatarupa had five children, two of which were sonsPriyavrat and Uttanapad,and three daughters wereAakuti, Devahuti and Prasuti.

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Aakuti was married with TheRuchi Prajapatiand Prasuti marriage was done withDaksh Prajapati. Devahuti married thePrajapati Kardam. Akuti gave birth to a son whose name was given the yagna. Yagna wife’s name was Dakshina. Kapil Rishi was the son of Devahuati. According to Hindu mythology, these three daughtersAakuti, Devahuti and Prasuti increased the world.

A total of24 daughters of Daksh prajapati. There name is-

  1. Shraddha,
  2. Lakshmi,
  3. Pusti,
  4. Dhooti,
  5. Tusti,
  6. Medha,
  7. Kriya,
  8. Buddhi,
  9. Lajja,
  10. Wupu,
  11. Shanti,
  12. Riddhi,
  13. Kirti,
  14. Khayti,
  15. Sati,
  16. Sambhuti,
  17. Smriti,
  18. Priti,
  19. Kshama,
  20. sannati,
  21. Anusuya,
  22. Urja,
  23. Swaha,
  24. Swadha.

Manu’s two sons- Priyavrat and Uttanapada. Uttanapada had two wives namedSuniti and suruchi.King Uttanapada’s son from Suniti, Dhruv and from Suruchi,Uttamwere born.Dhruvhad achieved great fame.

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Swayambhuv Manu’s second son, Priyavrat, had married Vishwakarma’s daughter Bahirshmti, who has born ten sons like Agnidhra, Yagyabahu, Medhatithi. Priyavrat’s second wife was born, Uttam,
Tamas and Raivat three sons.

Maharaj Manu ruled this Earth for a long time. People were very happy in his kingdom. They had composed the ‘Manu Smritiwhich is not found in the original form today. It has been a disaster for its meaning.

When Raja Manu wanted the salvation of the people, he handed over the entire palace to his eldest son Uttanapada and went alone with his wife Shatrupa to Namisharnya shrine.

Manu, on the bank of the Sunanda river, practiced yagna for 100 years. Both husband and wife have practiced yagna for a long time on the banks of Gaumati in the holy shrine named Naimishananya. At that place the settlements of both have remained.

Rishi Marichi, Atri, Angiras, Pulah, Kritu, Pulastya, and Vasishtaof the times of Swayambhu Manu.

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