Happy Onam Wishes Message, Greetings, SMS

Happy Onam Wishes Message, Greetings, SMS

Onam Festival

Onamis an important festival in Kerala, celebrated in September. But it also remains in other states. Thefestival of Onamis celebrated for ten consecutive days.
Onam festival
Onamis celebrated on the Trayodashi of Shravan Shukla every year. The biggest feature of this festival is that on this day people do not offer prayers in temples etc., they worship at home.

Why Onam is celebrated:

In the context of thisOnam festival, it is said that there was an Asura king named Mahabali in Kerala, in whose honor people celebrate thefestival of Onam. On this day, King Mahabali sought permission fromLord Vishnuto meet his subjects only once a year.
Why Onam is celebrated:
After getting his permission, the king comes to the earth to bless. It is celebrated in the memory of King Mahabali, on this day they receive a grand welcome on the Earth. Onam means Shravan.
Lord Vishnu
People also celebrate it for crop and yield. In this festival, the deity of Shravan and the goddess of flowers are specially worshiped. According to Hindu calendar, this festival is celebrated in the month of August or September.

Onamis celebrated for ten days. During this,Kathakali danceand song is also done along with snake boat race.

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During the month of Shravan, greenery is seen all around in every part of India, but in Kerala, the weather becomes very pleasant in this month. A new zeal, new hope and new faith is awakened in the minds of people in the joy of harvesting crops. In this happiness, Lord Shravan and Goddess of flowers are worshiped in every house.

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On this day the houses are decorated with beautiful flowers, and these days a Rangoli of flowers is made in the houses. On this day, women and teenagers enjoy dancing and men participate in swimming and boat racing.

In Malayalam, this Rangoli is called “Onampukkalam”, women make this Rangoli in a circular shape and burn a lamp in the middle of it. On the ninth day of Onam festival, the idol of Vishnu is installed in all the houses and their worship is done. After worshiping Lord Vishnu, the women of the house gather together and make a circular dance and sing songs.

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This tradition of dancing in rounding is called “Thappatakali”. In the evening on the ninth day ofOnam, the idol ofLord Ganeshaand the idol of Shravan Dev are installed in the house. After installing the idols, lamps of pure ghee are lit in front of them and a special kind of bhog called “Poovad” is offered.

Thiruonam or Tiruonam Onam is the last and most important day of the festival. Traditional dishes are prepared on this day in all the houses in the state of Kerala. Avial is made by mixing various types of vegetables in rice flour, banana pudding, coconut chutney is made. In this way, complete 64 types of dishes are made. Those are called Onasadya. After making all these dishes, they are served on banana leaves.

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