Some Important Facts About Hanuman ji.

Hanuman ji Facts-

Hanuman ji's religion father was air, for this reason he is also known as Pawan putra..In childhood, with the divine being, he had a reservoir of unlimited powers.

hanuman facts.

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Some Important Facts of Lord Hanuman.

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Story of Hanuman Eating Sun:

Once in childhood, understanding the sun as a ripe fruit, he went to eat the sun. At that time, Lord Indra hit him with his thunder in order to stop him. Due to the vigor of Vajra, Hanuman's chin broke and he felt unconscious on the earth.

Angry by this incident, Pawan Dev stopped the air in the whole world. This led to a stroke in all the creatures. In order to calm the air god, Indra finally withdrew the effect of the vajra that he had made. Along with the other gods gave many blessings to Balak Hanuman.

When Hanuman came to know that it was Mahagyan of Surya Dev, he requested the Sun to accept him as his disciple. In the end, Surya Dev accepted him as his disciple.

Hanuman continued his tour with Surya Dev and took his education. After completion of education, Hanuman urged Sun-god to seek Guru-Dakshina. But Sunya Devi refused to say that 'the joy I have experienced in teaching the disciple like you is not less than any Guru-Dakshina'.

But on the request of Hanuman again, Surya Deva commanded Hanuman to help Sugreev (religion son-surya) as Guru-Dakshina.


Lord Hanuman cursed by the Sage

Hanuman ji was very naughty in childhood. Hanuman used to harass the Sage-Saints very much. Hanuman used to take away his worshiping material and many things from his snatch.After his angry nature, the sage cursed them for forgetting their powers. With the influence of this curse, Hanuman temporarily forgot all his powers and he only remembered his unlimited powers when he remembered another.

 It is believed that if Hanuman was curse free, in Ramayana, then he himself would end all Lanka including Ravana.

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