When did Hanuman meet Rama First Time?

When did Hanuman meet Rama First Time?

Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman First Meeting:

Lord Hanumanis known throughout the world asRambhakta Hanumanand wants to read the stories of his devotion.When did Lord Hanuman first meet Lord Ram, how did he meet and where?

There are many mythological stories in this regard, but we should tell you that the context of Shriram-Hanuman Milan given byMaharishi Valmikiin‘Ramayana‘ is considered correct. There are many stories on the basis of other versions and regional stories, which do not fully match the truth. Today I shall give you information about the first meeting of Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman.

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Lord Ram and Lord Hanuman Story:

Once Hanuman was sitting on a very high peak of Rishimuk Mountain. At the same time, Lord Sriram Chandraji went to Rishimuk Mountain with Laxman ji while searching for Sita Ji. King Sugriva of the Apes from the high peak saw those people. He thought that these are the two warriors sent by Bali, who are coming to bow and bow in their hands to kill me.

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On seeing from a distance they both feel very strong. Fearful of fear, he said to Hanuman ji, “Hanuman! Look, two very powerful men have been moving here only for the bow and arrow. It seems, that Bali was sent to kill me. These are just looking around me. Immediately make the form of ascetic Brahmin and go to these two warriors and find out who they are and how they are roaming around here. If there is any fear of fear, then point me out from there. I will leave this mountain immediately and go somewhere else. “
Seeing Sugriva very frightened and frightened, Hanuman ji immediately came to Lord Shri Ramchandra and Lakshman ji by making the form of ascetic Brahmin. He bowed his head over to the bow and said, “Lord! Who are you? Where have you come from? The land here is very harsh. You people’s feet are very gentle For what reason are you roaming here? By seeing the beauty of the people, it seems like you are Brahma, Vishnu, Mahesh or a famous sage named Nar and Narayana. Give yourself an introduction to yourself. “
Upon hearing Hanuman ji’s good thoughts, Lord Shri Ramchandra ji gave his introduction to Laxman and said, “The demons have defeatedSitaji. We are roaming around searching for them. O Brahmin God! My name is Ram and my brother’s name is Laxman. We are the sons ofAyodhya Naresh Maharaj Dasharatha.Now you introduce yourself. “
Upon hearing the words of Lord Shri Ramchandra, Hanuman ji knew that he himself is God. He just fell on his feet immediately. Shri Ram took him up and thrust him.
Hanuman ji said, “Lord! You are the lord of all the world. What do you ask me about? I was born only to serve your steps. Now place me in your most holy steps. “
Lord Ram was pleased and put his hand on his head. Hanuman ji filled with enthusiasm and happiness and raised both the brothers to sit on the shoulder. Sugriva had told them that there would be any thing of fear if I had to point out to them. Hanuman ji keptLord Ram and Lakshmanon the shoulder-that was the sign for the Sugriva that there was no fear of them. While sitting on his shoulders, he came to Sugriva and introduced Sugriva to him. Lord Ram knew all the things about Sughriva’s suffering and suffering. Made him his friend and killed the evil Baali and made him king of Kishkindha. With the help of Hanuman ji, all the sorrows of the Sugriva have been dispelled.

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