Why Nandi is situated in the front of Lord Shiva?

Why Nandi is situated in the front of Lord Shiva?

 It is often seen that statue of Nandi is installed in front of Shiva idol. The Nandi bull is also given a special place in the Puranas. Nandi is not only a vehicle of God Shiva but also as his supreme devotee, as well as his companions, and his friends also.

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Everyone knows about the Nandi bull as the vehicle of Shiva, but in what circumstances did they meet together, under which circumstances a normal young man started appearing in the form of bull and in what circumstances Nandi became Shiva the most loved, Only a few people get the attention of the matter. Let us tell you the spiritual mystery of the Nandi bull.

The birth story of Nandi(Lord Shiva vehicle)

According to the Puranas, once following the Brahmachari fast, Shilad Rishi began to fear that after his death his entire lineage would end, therefore he decided to adopt a child.

But the Shilad sage wanted to adopt a child, not a common child, with which the blessings of Lord Shiva are uncommonly spiritual.To fulfill this purpose, Shilad Rishi started his worship to please Lord Shiva.
Due to the harsh austerity of Shilad sage, Lord Shiva himself appeared before him and asked him to ask for boon. Shilad Rishi told him that he wished for a son.Lord Shiva told him that soon he would get a son. It is said that Shiva got distraught.

Shilad Rishi happily returned home. The next day he went to the farm to cultivate, where he found a beautiful newborn child. That child was very attractive, there was also a strange sharpness on his face.In the same manner, he heard a voice saying, "This is your child, it is well-nurtured."

Shilad Rishi returned to his ashram with that child and started loving him with love and affection. He named the child Nandi, who was a spiritual man and respecting his father since childhood. Shilad was very pleased with his offspring. Shilad gave Nandi a better understanding of Vedas as well as ethical education.

After some years, two saints, came Mitra and Varun, in Shilad Rishi's ashram. Shilad appreciated them well and fed them with food. Nandi also took great care of those saints on the advice of his father and did not give any opportunity for any kind of complaint.

While visiting, Mitra and Varun were very happy, they were very satisfied with the behavior they had with them. Before leaving the rishis, Shilad and Nandi took their blessings. When Shilad Rishi bowed to those saints, then both of them blessed them with a long and happy life. But when Nandi touched the feet of the saints, both the saints became disturbed.

Shilad Rishi took the help of the sadhu's face, so as soon as he got out of the ashram, Shilad expressed his desire to know the cause of his problem by stopping him. Shilad asked those saints why he did not bless Nandi long life?

Mitra and Varun told them that Nandi is short-lived, they do not have much time. By listening to this, Shilad himself became worried. On returning to the ashram, Nandy also read the expressions of his father's face.

If Nandi wanted to know the reason of his concern with his father, then his father told him everything about the truth.As soon as Nandy heard and he began to laugh. He told his father that you have found me with the blessings of Lord Shiva, so also my age will be protected. Nandi said that people who worship Lord Shiva can not touch them.

So much so that after receiving the blessing of his father, Nandi went to the penance along the river Bhuvan. Lord Shiva pleased with the strict penance of Nandi. Lord Shiva asked him to ask boon. Nandy prayed to him that he wants to be with him all the time. Pleased with the dedication of Nandi, Lord Shiva first embraced Nandi and gave him the bull's face and accepted him as the best in his vehicle.
Later, Nandi was married to Suyasha, daughter of Marutas. Lord Shankar boasted Nandi that even where Nandi will reside there, he will also reside. Since then, Nandi is established in front of Shiva in every Shiva temple.

The eyes of Nandi are always a symbol of remembrance of their favors, because their eyes dwell with their eyes and devotion begins from here. The eyes of Nandi teach us that if the person does not have the power to defeat anger, prominence and evils with devotion, then the goal of devotion is not attained.
After seeing Nandi, it is the legislation to touch their horns with the forehead. It is believed that man gets goodwill, Vivek is awake. Nandi's horn is a symbol of two more things. They give the message of adopting wisdom and discretion in life. Nandi has a golden bell in the neck. When its sound comes, it feels sweet to the mind. The melodious melody of the bell implies that like the Nandi, if a man stays in the tunes of his God, then the journey of life becomes very easy.

Nandi is a symbol of purity, discrimination, wisdom and knowledge. His every moment is devoted to Shiva and he teaches to man that even if he continues to offer his every moment to God, then his meditation will be kept by God.

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