Why Lord Krishna Selected Kurukshetra

Why Lord Krishna Selected Kurukshetra

When did the Mahabharat War Start?

According to research, the war of Mahabharata occurred on3067 BC. Then Lord Sri Krishna was 55 or 56 years old. However, some scholars believe that their age was 83 years. 36 years after the Mahabharata war, he sacrificed his body. This means he died at the age of 119 years.

According to Aryabhata, Mahabharata war happened in3137 BC.

According to the Puranas, the age of Shri Krishna is said to be 125 years, whereas according to the astrologers, his age was 110 years.

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According to astrologers, the battle of Mahabharata started 6 months before the beginning ofKaliyuga, which started for 18 days. Kaliyug started 35 years after Sri Krishna’s demise.

Mahabharat War.

Why Lord Krishna selected Kurukshetra for Mahabharat war?

When the decision of the Mahabharata war took place, land was searched for it. Sri Krishna wanted to destroy the people with increased asurism by that war. But the fear was that this war was between brother vs brother. Seeing each other die, do not interfere. Therfore, land should be chosen for war where rituals of anger and hatred are in sufficient quantity. He sent several messengers in different directions that they should be told to describe the events there and tell them.
A messenger told that in such a situation, the elder brother said the younger brother to stop the rain water while flowing through the farmyard. But he refused to be clear and said, why do not you stop? I am your slave. The elder brother was overwhelmed by this. He adopted the younger brother with a rug and dragged his dead body to the farmyard and dragged his dead body from the foot from where water was coming out.
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Upon hearing this dishonesty, Shri Krishna decided that this land is suitable for the fight of brother-brother. There will be no possibility of intercourse with love or a discussion of arthritis as it will affect their brain when they arrive. The place was Kurukshetra where the war was organized.

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This story of the Mahabharata indicates that the rites of auspicious and inauspicious thoughts and actions are long in the land. That is why it should be residing in such a land wheregood ideas and auspiciousworks have been included.

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