Story of Lord Hanuman ji Marraige and Lord Hanuman's Wife Temple.

Lord Hanuman Ji:

Everyone knows that Hanuman ji is celibate. But do you know that Hanuman ji was also married?
There is also a temple of Lord Hanuman with his wife in India. People come from far and wide to see him.

hanuman ji
Lord Hanuman ji wife temple

Lord Hanuman Wife Temple:

Lord Hanuman Wife's temple is built in Khammam district of Andhra Pradesh. Here Hanuman ji does not sit in his brahmachari form but in household form with his wife Suvarchala Devi. Regarding Hanuman ji, all the devotees have believed that they are child celibate is.

hanuman temple
Hanuman ji with his wife

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The description of this form of Hanuman is found in Valmiki Ramayana and Ramcharit Manas. The marriage of Hanuman is mentioned in Parashar Samhita.

The proof of this is the Hanuman temple built in Khammam district of Andhra Pradesh which is the proof of Hanuman's marriage. This, however, does not mean that Lord Hanuman is not a Brahmachari. hanuman ji was also married and he is also a child Brahmachari.

Hanuman ji Marraige story-

Hanuman ji
was married to Suvarchala Devi, daughter of the Sun God. But hanuman was married due to some special circumstances.

Hanuman ji had to get married in marriage with Suvarchala. Lord Hanuman was the Guru of Hanuman. Hanuman ji was receiving his education from his guru Sun God.

Sun could not stop anywhere, so Hanuman ji would have to fly all day along with Lord Surya's chariot and Lord Surya would give him knowledge of different disciplines. But while giving knowledge to Hanuman ji, one day a crisis arose in front of the sun.

Out of the total 7 lore, Hanuman ji taught his teacher five types of lore but the remaining four lore and knowledge were such that only a married one could be taught. Hanuman ji had pledged to take complete education.

God Sun had a crisis. In this situation, Sun God placed a condition in front of Hanuman ji that "Now you can get further education only when you get married." A dilemma arose for Lord Hanuman, who had pledged to be a lifelong celibate.

Then Sun God told Hanuman ji that "You get married to my daughter Suvarchala." To fulfill his vow, Hanuman ji also agreed to marry. Suvarchala was Tapaswini. Surya Dev got his supreme ascetic daughter Suvarchala ready for marriage with Hanuman ji.

Suvarchala Devi returned after marrying Hanuman ji Became absorbed in penance. In this way Hanuman ji fulfilled the condition of marriage and the fast of Brahmachari continued.

The marriage of Hanuman ji was also mentioned in Parashar Samhita. After this, Hanuman ji completed his education and Suvarchala became engrossed in his penance forever. Thus Hanuman ji may have been bound in marriage but he is still a celibate.

In Parashar Samhita It is written that Suryadev himself said on this marriage that - "This marriage has been done for the welfare of the universe and it did not even affect the celibacy of Hanuman ji".

It is said that after visiting Hanuman ji with his wife in a temple located in Khammam district of Andhra Pradesh, all the tensions between the husband and wife going on in the house are over. ..Jai Shree Ram..

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