The Story of Tuesday (Hanuman ji) Fasting

The Story of Tuesday (Hanuman ji) Fasting

Tuesday (Hanuman ji) vrat katha:

The fast of Tuesday is observed to increasehonor, strength, courage and efforts.On keeping this fast, person’s happiness and wealth increases.Tuesday fast is done for gettinghonour and child.Hearing the story of Tuesday fast fulfill favorable desires. Observing this fast removes all the sins.

Tuesday vrat vidhi.

It is a popular fast, and is dedicated Lord Hanuman, who rendered great service to Lord Rama. On this day strict fast is kept, and Hanumanji is worshipped with sweets and fruits.The story of tuesday should be heard or read and Hanuman Chalisa is read and recited. From Tuesday vrat, flows success, happiness, strength, both physical and moral, and quick recovery from illness. It also helps in overcoming the enemies.

Hanuma ji vrat katha-

A Brahman couple lived in a village. They have no kid. So their life was very unhappy.The Brahman went to the woodland to love Lord Hanuman. He would petition God for a tyke in his supplications.

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Brahman’s significant other additionally fasted on tuesday for a tyke. she would take her dinners simply subsequent to offering Prasad to Lord Hanuman. She ended up powerless and delicate and even swooned because of the long quick. Master Hanuman had compassion for her and showed up before her in the appearance of a tyke. Ruler Hanuman stated, I favor you with an excellent child. She will dependably serve you, day and night. He at that point vanished in the wake of gift the Brahman’s better half.

Luckily, the woman got a wonderful son.His name was Mangal. The Brahman returned home after some months.He saw an attractive kid playing in his courtyard.He ended up suspicious and said to his better half, Whose tyke Is this?Have you enjoyed adultery?The lady said pleasantly, My dear spouse, I am a pure lady.I used to watch Tuesday quick in your nonappearance to please Lord Hanuman.He has favored me with this child.Please trust me.

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The Brahman kept mum however somewhere down in his heart, questions started to twist up each moment.The woman was helpless.One day the Brahman was going to clean up at some close-by well.The woman let him know, Please take Mangal alongside you.He is very developed up.He will bring water for your bath.He will likewise rub your back.

The Brahman concurred and took the kid alongside him.He figured it would be a decent event to push him into the well and to dispose of a corrupt kid for good.As the kid was to get water, the Brahman pushed the kid into the well and returned home.To her extraordinary astonishment, the lady saw that the Brahman did not have wet dhoti on his shoulders.She stated, Have you taken your bath?The Brahman stated, Yes.

The woman stated, Please give me your wet dhoti to empower me to spread it on the string.The Brahman was nonplussed.He had liable conscience.He mumbled a few words and endeavored to leave the house.The spouse stated, Where is my Mangal?Where is my Mangal?O!Mangal, show up before my eyes on the off chance that I am a cheste woman and you are my actual child.

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To the extraordinary shock of both the spouse and the husband, Mangal showed up at the door.He grasped his mom and contacted his dads feet.That may Lord Hanuman showed up before the Brahman in his fantasies and stated, O!poor animal, I favored you with a child, and you speculate your significant other of adultery.You must feel frustrated about it.

The Brahman understood his mistake. His spouse normally watched fasts on Tuesdays.Thereafter they drove an upbeat life.It is said that whosoever peruses or tunes in to this story and keeps customary fasts Lord Hanuman shields him from air shades of malice and offers all bless.

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