What is the Katha of Santoshi Maa?

What is the Katha of Santoshi Maa?

Katha of Santoshi Maa:

Mother Santoshi’s fasting is done on every Friday. Santoshi Mata is worshiped in Hinduism as a mother of contentment, happiness, peace and splendor. According to religious, Mother Santoshi is the daughter of Lord Ganesha. By worshiping Mata Santoshi, wealth, marriage, physical pleasures increases. This fast is started from the first Friday of the Shukla paksha. It is the law of fasting till 16th Friday of Mother Santoshi by the wish of happiness, good fortune.

Friday Fast.

How to Start Friday Fasting?

Persons suffering from Venus should fast on Friday to get rid of it. It should start 21st and 31st of any month starting from the first Friday of the Shuklpaksh. After fasting, on the day of fasting, bathing with water and wearing white clothes as much as possible, you should chant the mantra of Santosh Maa. Then devotee should read the fast story of Santoshi Maa. On this day, make kheer for Srilakshmi. Serve white cow and even eat kheer.

On the final fast day, make a havan with the help of the sycamore. In addition, worship sugar, bees, white flowers, white clothes, white sandalwood, white nectar, rice, milk, kheer and worship some of these items in Brahmin’s boys. Also donate white coins, silver, white garments, fruits, seeds, etc.

Santoshi Mata Vrat Katha-

There was an old man, he had seven sons. There were 6 sons earners while one was not do any work. Elderly cooks food for six sons, heals food and what he has saved from them. He gave it to the seventh son.

Once the seventh son told to his wife that my mother love me very much. His wife said – why not? That’s why she feeds you used food. He said that I can not believe you unless I shall see it with my eyes. the daughter-in-law laughs and says, if you will see then you accept it.

A few days later the festival came. Make seven types of food in the house and lumberjacks in the four corners. To take the test of the mother, she used to pretend to headache, and the thin cloth fell asleep in the kitchen lying on her head. He kept seeing all of the clothes in the dresses. After a while, six brothers came to the meal. She saw that the mother gave her a beautiful posture for her (six) and she fed them a lot by appealing and urging different types of dishes. Seventh Son continued to see When six sons raised food Then the mother raised a piece of laddus from her false plates and made a laddoo. The old mother cried out to him and said, ‘Son, six brothers have eaten food. Now you are the rest, when will you get up?’ He started to say, ‘I do not want to eat food, I am going to heaven now.’ Mother said – If you go tomorrow, then go today. He said – Yes, I am going today.

By saying this, he left the house I remember the daughter-in-law while walking while the daughter-in-law was stopping the child from going to the Goshala.

He said – I have nothing, this is a ring and take it and give me some sign of yours.That quote – what do I have? It is a hand full of dung. By saying this, he slapped the dung’s hand in his back. He walked. On reaching the country in a hurry. There was a moneylender shop there.

He went there and said, ‘Brother, put me on the job. The moneylender was needed, said – go live. The boy asked- What will you pay?

The moneylender said- Seeing the work, you will get the price. The moneylender got the job, he started working from 7 am to 10 a.m. In a few days, all the transactions in the store, account books, customers started doing all the work.

The moneylender had 7-8 servants. They all began to rotate and it became very clever. Seth also saw the work and in 3 months it made half the profit partner. In 12 years, she became a Naomi Seth and the owner left her business and went out.

Now, what happened to daughter-in-law? Listen to him carefully Sas-in-laws started to give him pain After getting all the work done by the household and sending it to the woods to take wood. The roasting flour of the house, which was made out of the husk, was given to the food and given water to the pot of coconut boiled for drinking.

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One day the seventh daughter-in-law was going to take wood, many women on the street showed Santoshi’s fasting. She started standing there listening to the story and asked- Sisters! Which god do you fast? And what is the result of doing it? If you explain this law to me, then I will accept your favor. Then one of them talked women – listen? This is the satisfying mother’s fast. By doing this, poverty, poverty is destroyed and whatever is desired in the mind, all satisfactorily fulfill the mother’s grace.

Then the seventh daughter-in-law asked her the method of fasting. That quote- Take the pudding of the coconut, if you wish, take five or five rupees, take whatever you are comfortable with. Taking as much of the money as possible with full faith and love without any hassle.

Focusing on each Friday, listening to the story, do not break the order between them, follow the rules constantly, if you do not find anybody to listen, burn the ghee lamp or put the vessel in front of it. When the work is not proven, follow the rules, and when the work is established, the vow of fasting. In three months the mother completes the fruit. Even if somebody’s planets are false, then the mother proves work throughout the year, when the fruit is proved, it should be done in the middle and not in the middle.

In the evening, the earthen sare khaja ​​and the equivalent kheer and gram greens should be kept. Eight boys should have food. As far as possible in the boys, the boys should be called devotees of Devar, Jeth, brother-brother, they should call them only. The relatives and neighbors’ boys should be called upon if they are not received. They should also give food as Dakshina as well. There should not be soreness in the house that day.

The boy’s daughter-in-law has let go of this. On the way, he sold the wooden burden on the road and started preparing for the fasting of Mata Santoshi by taking jagging with money, and after seeing the temple in front of it – who is this temple? Santoshi Mata’s temple started to say all. Upon hearing this, the daughter-in-law of the mother went to the temple and started looking at the feet of her mother. He began to plead and requested – I am ignorant of the deal, I do not know any rules of fast, I am sad. O Mother of the Mother, remove the misery from my mother. I have come to your shelter. Mother Santoshi was a pity. One Friday passed that the letter came to her husband’s letter and the money sent by her on the third Friday arrived.

Seeing this, Jeth-Jethani’s mouth started shrinking. The boys started taunting. Hey brother, now the letters are coming to Kaki, the rupee has started coming. Now it will increase for the sake of Kaki.

Poor daughter says with simplicity! Brother paper comes, rupee arrives, good for all of us. By saying this, after tears in the eyes, Santoshi started weeping at Mata’s feet at the feet of Mothershevari. Mother, when have I asked you for money? What do I have to do with the money? I have to work with my pleasure. I ask for the look of my master.

Then the mother said happy! Go Daughter, your husband will come.The daughter-in-law, being happy to hear this, started working at home.

Now Santoshi mother started thinking that I told this innocent girl that her husband would come but how? He does not even remember it in the dream. I have to go to remind him. In this way, the mother started saying to the son of that old man to appear in a dream! Son of the moneylender is sleeping or awake. He started saying – I do not even sleep and I do not even wake up. What is the command? Mother began to say – is there anything or not that your home? He said – I have everything. Mother, father, daughter-in-law, what is lacking?

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Mother! The naive niece your daughter-in-law is taking a lot of pain. Your parents are troubling him. He is longing for you, take care of him.

He said. Yes, mother, It is known but how can I go? There is no account of the transaction, there is no way to go, how can I go?

Mother began to say – Believe me, take bath in the morning and take the name of Santoshi Mother, burning ghee lamp. Tribute to go to the shop. Seeing all the transactions will be missed. The goods of the deposit will be sold. In the evening, there will be a heavy burden of wealth.

Considering the old age, he washed the bath and worshiped Santoshi Mata and lit the lamp of ghee and sat in the shop. In a while, the rupee, which gave it in a while, started to bring it. The takers began to collect accounts. Where the buyers of goods loaded, they began to deal with the cash price. By the evening, heavy money was found. It is heartening to see the mother’s name in mind, to take home jewelry, to buy cloth accessories. Here, the job of dealing with the work went off to the house immediately.

On the other hand, his wife goes to the wood to collect wood. While returning, he rests in the temple of Mataji like daily. After a while, he asks the mother to see the dust. O, mother! How is this dust blowing? Mother says. O daughter, your husband is coming. Now do this so you can make three burdens of woods. Put one side of the river and the other on my temple and the third on my head. Your husband will be attracted to seeing the bundle of woods, he will stay here, eat breakfast and drink with the mother. Then you take the burden of wood and put a bandage in the square and make a loud voice. Take your mother-in-law, take a bundle of woods, give the husk bread, give it water in the coconut grove, who has come here today? Having said very good to Mataji, he happily made three wooden sticks of wood.

On the banks of a river and placed on a Mataji temple. It has reached the destination. His desire was to see the dry wood that we would rest on it and make a meal and eat it and go to the village. Likewise, after making food, after making food, he rested and went to the village. Got the most love At the same time, the daughter-in-law on her head used to be dressed. He puts three heavy voices in the courtyard by putting a heavy wooden box. Take the mother-in-law, the bundle of woods, the husk bread. Who has come here today?

Upon hearing this, her mother-in-law asks her to come out and forget about the misery given to her. Why does daughter-in-law say so? Your boss has come only. Sit down, eat sweet rice, eat food, wear clothes and wear jewelry. Her husband comes out to hear her voice. The ring is disturbed watching. Asks the mother. Who is this mother? Mother Quote – Son, this is your daughter in law. Since then you have been wandering in all the villages since then. The work of the house does nothing, it comes in four phases. She said – OK mother. I also saw it and you too, let’s clap another house, stay in it. Mother quote – Well, just like your wish. Then he got the third-floor room of the second house opened all the luggage. In one day the king’s palace became as stupendous as What was left then? The daughter-in-law started enjoying happiness.

Santoshi Mata Vrat Udyapan-

So came on Friday. She said to her husband – I have to make the udyapan of Santoshi Mother fast. The husband said – Do it happily She started preparing for the morning. Jethani’s boys went to ask for food. They approved, but Jethani taught his children from behind, look, demanding to squeeze at the time of food so that his / her is not completed. The boys came to eat kheer, but later the accounts began to say – Give us sour, do not eat kheer food, it is unhealthy to see kheer. He started to say – the brother will not be bruised to anyone. This is the offering of Santoshi Mata. The boys stood up, said – bring money, Bholi Bahu did not know anything, gave them money. At the same time, the boys started eating straws and eating tamarind. Seeing this, Mataji was angry with her daughter-in-law. The king’s messengers took hold of her husband. Jetha-Jethani started to say good-bye words The robbery has brought the wealth together, now everyone will know when the prison will kill.

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This is not tolerated by a daughter-in-law. Rotini went to the temple of Mataji, she started saying – O mother! What did you do? After laughing, the devotees started crying.

Mother-daughter-daughter, you have dissolved my fast by lighting up. He started saying – I am sorry to have done something I have committed. I accidentally gave money to boys. I will do yoga again. Mother quote – Do not forget now She says – Now will not be forgotten, now tell how they will come? Mother Bid-going daughter-in-law will get your husband on your way. She got out, husband got in the way. He asked- Where did he go? He started to say – The king who had earned the money earned was asked for the tax, he went to fill. She is happy to say – It’s good, now let’s go home.

A few days later came again Friday. That quote – I have to do the maternal grandmother again. The husband said – Do it The daughter-in-law then went to Jeth’s boys to ask food. Jethani narrated two things and started teaching all the boys. All of you already have to sue The boys started saying before the meal – we do not eat kheer, our life deteriorates, give some sourness to eat. That quote will not be found to anyone, come if you want to come. He started bringing food from Brahmin’s boys, giving them one fruit each as per Shakti Dakshina. Santoshi Mata was happy.

Santoshi mata miracles-

After the grace of Santoshi Mata, in the 9th month, she received a beautiful son like her moon. After getting the son, every day started going to the temple of Mata Ji. Mother thought – It is coming every day, why not visit its house today. Taking this into consideration, the mother made a terrible appearance, the mouth of the jaggery, the mouth like a trunk, was blowing the flies on it. Her mother-in-law, her husband-in-law, kept her feet on the floor; Look, there is a witch, Dakin is coming, boys run it, or else someone will eat. The boys started shouting, shouting started to shut the window. The daughter-in-law was watching from Rautanandan, she started shouting with happiness, today my mother has come to my house. He removes the child from drinking milk. In this, the anger of the mother-in-law was broken. That quote- What is excited? Slammed the child. In such a case, the boys began to notice the boy’s glory. That quote- The mother whom I vow is this Santoshi Mother. All took hold of the feet of Mother and said, ‘O mother, we are foolish and ignorant, we do not know the law of your fast; we have committed a great crime by breaking the fast, Thus the mother was pleased. Bahu was blessed to be happy.

What should eat in Santoshi mata vrat?

• Tell the story to perform this fast and keep the jaggery and roasted gram in hand while listening.

• The glory of Santoshi Mother! The glory of Santoshi Mother! Speak from the mouth.

• As soon as the story ends, goose molasses feed on Gumata.

• Sprinkle jaggery in the Kalas and divide them into a prasad form.

• Fill the first urn with water from the story.

• Place a bowl of jaggery filled with jaggery.

• After the narrative and the completion of the aarti, sprinkle the water of Kalash everywhere in the house and put the remaining water in basil.

• In the light of the fast, keep ablution, eat sour food, powdered pudding, kheer, gram shaak, banana.

• Ghee’s lamp burns Santoshi Mata’s Jai Jaikar Bol Coconut boil.

• Do not eat any salty meat or eat it on this day.

• Eat 8 boys on this day, first give to the boys of the house.

• Also, give as much power as possible.

Advantages of fasting of Santoshi Mata-

This fast provides physical interest, property, poetry, singing, dance, etc., interest in art, Sukhmani marital life, child happiness, etc. Received success and fame from this fast

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