Why is Basant Panchami Celebrated.P

Basant Panchami Story:

The Goddess Sarasvati is the goddess of intellect and learning. She has four hands which symbolize ego, intellect, alertness and the mind. She carries a lotus and scriptures in two of her hands and she plays music on the veena (an instrument similar to a sitar) with her other two hands. She rides on a white swan. Her white dress is a symbol for purity. Her swan signifies that people should have the ability to discern the good from the bad.

Basant panchami

The goddess Sarasvati, sitting on a lotus, symbolizes her wisdom.  She is also well-versed in the experience of truth.

Basant Panchami.

Basant Panchami Story-

According to Vasant Panchami story, Lord Brahma was very happy with the creation of the whole world. As a result, he wanted to see So, he set out on a journey. When he saw the world, he was disappointed with complete silence. Everyone on planet Earth appeared very lonely Lord Brahma gave a lot of thought.
 Lord Brahma had an idea. He took some water in his Kamandal and sprinkled it in air. An angel appeared from a tree. The angel had a harp in her hand. Lord Brahma asked him to play something As a result, the angel started playing some music.
The angel blessed the people of the earth with voice. She also has the planet with music. Since then, that angel came to be known as Goddess Saraswati, Goddess of speech and knowledge, She is also known as Veena Vadini (harp player). It is believed that Goddess Saraswati provided voice, intelligence, force and glory. 

Basant Panchmi celebrated all over India

In North India, people generally observe a fast on this day. They wear yellow garments and cook yellow food items, loaded with turmeric and saffron. Deities of Mother Saraswati are decorated and people offer her prayers. People in Punjab celebrate by flying kites – they call it Dor and Guddi festival. In Central India, the newly wedded couples dress themselves in yellow and then visit a temple and offer first Vasant Panchami puja.
In Eastern lndia, specifically West Bengal, people observe “Hathe Khori” i.e. they ask their children to learn alphabets and write it down. In ancient times, the sanskar of Vidya aarambha was usually performed on this day. The student were admitted to school and they used to learn their first lesson from their teacher on this day.

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