Amarnath Temple and Yatra Importance

Amarnath Temple and Yatra Importance

Amarnath Shivling

In the Puranas,Amarnathhas been called Amresh Shrine and Diksha of salvation.

‘Shiva’ means welfare and ‘Linga’ means symbol. That is, the literal meaning of Shivalinga is the symbol of divine creative power.

amarnath temple

Amarnath ShivalingPuja is the ultimate religion. With this belief, wherever a tree, stone, mountain etc., are seen holding the shape of a linga, it is worshiped as a symbol of Lord Shiva.

Amarnath Templeis also known as Amareshwar. Explaining the glory of Shiva’s various shrines in ‘Maheshwarkhand Arunachal Mahaatmya Khand’ in Skandpuran, it has been said that “Amarnath Tirtha is the seeker of all the nobles.”

Amarnath Temple History

It is believed that when Lord Shiva decided to narrate the Amarkatha to Goddess Parvati. Then he left all his Ganas and proceeded towards theAmarnath Cave.

The place where the serpent named Anant left Anantnag and where he released the Snake named Shesh is famous from the place called Sheshnag.
Similarly, where he left his Nandi bull, the name of that place was called BELGRAM. This name is now Pahalgam.

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It means that the place where Shiva ji narrated the Amarkatha. There was no living organism at that place.

As a result, we are aware of the power of Shiva only till the names of these cities. This is the real proof of Amarakatha’s immortality.

In the Sanatan religion, Shivlinga Puja and Amarnath-

The 74th chapter under a legend in the Linga Purana states that Vishwakarma, by order of Lord Brahma, duly created a variety of lingas to worship the deities and bestowed them to the deities.

Then in this way Vishwakarma gave Shivling made of precious gems and metals to all the deities. Vishnu was worshiped with a Linga made of Indranil, Indra with the Padmaraga Linga and the son of Vishravas worshiped the golden Linga.

In this way, all the Gods and Goddesses, first only by the order of Brahma, gold, silver, copper, clay, iron, crystal, pearl, trident, sand (sand), wood (wood), turquoise, ash, bell tree, cow dung, kusha, Gems, sandalwood, shisha etc were worshiped by the precious stones.

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Six types of Shivlinga are valid-

According to the Puranas, six types of Shivalinga have been described to give pavement and ultimate reward, which are made by combining various liquids and metals.

The above six types of Shivlinga-

1. Made of stone.
2. Jewelery- made from diamonds, pearls, panna, sapphire, topaz etc.
3. Made of metals – gold, silver, copper, bronze, iron, etc.
4. Made from wood ,tree, extract, bel etc.
5. Soil – made from red, black, white soil and sand.
6. Made from curd, ghee, snow etc.

The form ofAmarnathShivlingais that of snow and hence they can be called transient-linga.
His appearance is very short-sighted. Therefore, the philosophy ofBaba Amareshwaris rare. The realization and philosophy of other types of Shivalingas such as styles, metals, gemstones and terracotta etc. are easy. But transient Shivling is about to give extremely rare and paramount fruits. According to Lingpuran, transientAmarnath Shivlingais about to provide salvation.

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Importance of worship Baba Barfani:

The Lingamhapurana instructs that “a person who lawfully establishes white Shivling like milk, including Skanda and Uma. He becomes Rudra in the form of a human. Visiting and touching that auspicious white shivlinga attains salvation. It is not possible to say its virtue even in the 100 yugas.

Shivling is considered to be very sacred in Sanatan Dharma traditions. The purpose of the Amarnath Yatra is to have a glimpse of that sacred white Himalinga. The philosophy of which leads to the attainment of nectar, salvation. The philosophy of Amarnath is to provide salvation directly.

Amarnath Yatra importance:

There is no god in the world like Shiva. He is the one who grants salvation to all earthly creatures. There is no mercy greater than Shivaji in providing welfare and happiness, and no one is more powerful than him in battle.

Therefore, this statement is correct that Baba Amarnath Rupi, Himalinga is the most holy. And the worship of Shivalinga is the highest virtue, and its importance is also undesirable.

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