The Secret of Ravana Death.

The Secret of Ravana Death.

5 Secrets of Ravana Death:

Ravana death Secrets.

1.) Ravanawent to Kailash Mountain

OnceRavanawent to Kailash Mountain to see Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati. From outside Kailash Mountain, Lord Shiva’s vehicle Nandi was guarded.

Ravana, making fun of Nandi’s nature, said to him as a monkey’s mouth. Nandi was humiliated in this manner of humiliation of Ravana and he said to Ravana, Today, as you are teasing me with apes, one day in the future, due to the apes, in the future, you will be completely destroyed by your entire Lanka.

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2.) Ravana Death Secret:

Ravana, Paradise reached the place where she found an Apsara named Rambha.
Ravana caught that nymph. Then Apsara said to Ravana, you do not touch me like this.
I am for Nalkuber, the son of your elder brother Kuber.

But Ravan did not believe and he committed misconduct with that nymph. When it came to know Nalkuber So he got angry and cursed Ravana. When he touches any women without her wish, then his head will explode in a hundred pieces immediately.

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3.) Ravana Death Secret:

Lord Rama used to be a very supreme king in the lineage of Ram. Whose name was Anarnya. When Ravana went for the Worldwidth, even with King Anaranya, he was very afraid of the war. When Ravana felt that it was impossible to defeat Adnanya in the war, he resorted to deceit.

With the help of deceit, Ravana had slaughtered King Adalanya, but at the time of death, King Anarnya had cursed Ravana that a young man born in my lineage would become your cause of death.

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4.) Ravana Death Secret:

Once Ravan was going to roam the Pushpa aircraft. Then he saw a beautiful woman performing austerity on a mountain. He was doing penance to get Lord Vishnu in the form of a man. When Ravana tried to take him along with him, the woman immediately made a fire and sacrificed his body in it. And cursed Ravana that the woman would become the cause of your death.

5.) Ravana Death Secret

The husband’s name of Ravan’s sister Surpnakha was Dushtabuddhi.
He was the commander of the King of KalKeya. When Ravana went on a world war, his war with Kalkeya was fought. In that war Ravana killed Dushtabuddhi(Surpnakha’s husband).

Then Surpnakha cursed Ravana in mind that ‘because of me you will be annihilated.

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