Important Life Lessons From Lord Shiva

Important Life Lessons From Lord Shiva

Important Life Lessons From Lord Shiva:

From the mysterious nature of Lord Shiva, you can learn how life should be

The mysteries of Lord Shiva, their rituals and the facts related to them are equally bizarre. Shiva resides in the cremation ground and holds the snake in the neck. Shiva ji hold the cannabis and dhattura. Shiva’s worship is very important in Shiva, that is Shiva’s worship in Sawan. The month of Savan helps in reaching out to Shiva in the Hindu calendar.
On this occasion know interesting things related to Lord Shiva.

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1. Power of Unity

The way Lord Shiva has embraced the Ganga on his crest, he learns to be united. By collecting scattered hairstyles, Shiva transformed the violet form of the Ganges into a peaceful form.

2. Broad Vision

Shivaji has a trinity. Their third eye, located on the instrument, states that to control the far-reaching conditions, do not use exterior eyes but rather make wise decisions. Always keep an eye on far-reaching results.

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3. Patience

Shiva, who has kept the moon on his head. The moon is considered to be a symbol of coolness and peace. In such a way, Lord Shiva learns that no matter what the situation is, do not lose your patience and maintain control over your mind.

4. Expression

A form of Shiva is also Neelkanth, which learns to endure anger. Wrath has always been confused with confusing the intellect and putting others in trouble. In such a way, get rid of anger and end your patience.

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5. Environmental

Shivaji keeps wrapping snakes in his neck, and rides Nandi. He lives on the mountain and eats a lot of food. Their devotees include all animal birds, dev-demons. Their appearance shows their love for the environment.

6. Fantasy

Shiva holds the skull, he holds an ash on his body. Which tells that do not keep yourself in any delusion despite being fulfilled. Have passion and commitment in life, but do not live in fantasy.

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