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Why Lord Shiva was Cursed by Shanidev?

Why Lord Shiva was Cursed by Shanidev?

Shani Devis considered a magistrate in our mythology. The belief is that Shani Dev judges and they are neither affected nor fearful when judging them. Their justice is the same for everyone regardless of whoever.
Shanidev is a fair magistrate. Whether they are god or insecure, human beings or animals, they give punishment on the basis of their deeds. According to legends Lord Shiva itself is called the master of Shanide. Yama’s brother Shanidev has been elected as the magistrate by his blessing.
Despite this, there is an interesting story about Shani and Shiva. In which Shani has also cursed Shiva.

Lord Shiva and Shanidev Story:

According to legend, One day Shiva was sitting on Kailash Mountain. Right now Shani Dev came to visit him While saluting his guru, Shanidev said that Mahadev forgive me. Tomorrow I am going to enter your zodiac. And you will not be able to escape from my curve sight.
Shivaji did not like to hear this That his disciple is not following any of his limitations in doing his karma. Shivaji, told Shani, how long will they have to face the curved vision of Shani Dev. Then Shani said that his vision will last till the evening.
The next day, worried Mahadev left the earth in the morning. And to avoid Shani, they started hiding in the hinges and hiding around there. When the day was over, again Shiva came back to Kailash. Shiva was pleased with the mind that he made Saturn’s foolish today.
In the evening Shani came to meet Kailash again. Shivaji told Shani, “I have escaped from your curve today. After listening to this, Shani smiled and said that this was the effect of my vision that you were roaming around the earth today on becoming an elephant all day. Your animal vagina was the result of my own trip. Listening to this, Mahadev began to feel Shani Dev more beloved.

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