Lord Shiva Story and Secrets of Lord Shiva.

Lord Shiva

Shiva is considered as the most mysterious god. Their dress-up is the most different. Bholenath is married, but Shiva resides in a crematorium.

Shiva is the most happy god ever. It is believed that if a devotee raises water everyday on Shivling, then all his troubles can be overcome.

Lord Shiva Story.

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How to pleased Lord Shiva.

Impotant Life Lession from Lord Shiva.

Naina Devi had appeared Lord Shiva's third Eye.

Lord Shiva family:

According to Shiv Purana, Shiva's family includes Mata Parvati, Lord Ganesha, Kartikeya Swami and Nandi. Shivaji is a householder, but his nature is quite opposite, that is, he lives in crematorium, does not wear precious clothes and ornaments.

Lord Shiva Angry :

Shivaji is considered a destroyer. That is, Shiva will destroy the universe. According to old beliefs, this universe becomes deteriorating-it worsens.

Lord Brahma creates the universe, and Vishnuji comply with it. Lord Shiva destroys Kaliyug as it ends.

Life ends in Cremation, everything is consumed there. That's why Shivji's residence is such a place where the human body, all the relationships related to him, all the attachments, all the bondage ends. After the death of the creatures, the soul is absorbed in Shiva only.

Lord Shiva Rudraksha

Many people hold Rudraksha to get Shivji's grace. According to Puranas, Rudraksha originated from Shiva's tears.

Rudraksha History:

In this regard it is said that once Shivaji was sitting in meditation, and at that time his eyes were tears. These tears were converted into Rudraksh tree itself.

That is why it is considered a symbol of Shiva.
Rudraksh is available from 1 mouth to 14 face in the market. Everyone has different importance.

Know the special things related to Rudraksha-

Keep in mind the person who is wearing Rudraksha-

  • Those who wear Rudraksh should avoid the wrong things.
  • Do not eat meat.
  • Respect everyone.
  • Serve your parents.
  • Do not consume drugs.
  • If these things are not taken care of, then Rudraksh can not get auspicious results.

How to Identify Real Rudraksha(Types of Rudraksha):

Rudraksha is of 3 types according to the shape.
  • Those rudraksha saplings are equal to Amla's fruit, they are considered the best.
  • The type of Rudraksha that is similar to plum is considered to be moderate fruit.
  • Rudraksha, which is equal to gram, is counted as a low grade.

  • The Rudraksha that has been spoiled by worms or broken, or not a full circle. Do not wear that Rudraksha.
  • The rudraksha that does not have 'rosette', should not wear such a Eudraksha.
  •  The Rudraksha that has a hole to feed Dora, it is the best Rudraksha.

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