Naina Devi had appeared from Shiva’s

Naina Devi had appeared from Shiva’s

Naina Devi Temple

Naina Devi Temple is one of the famous pilgrims of Himachal Pradesh is considered a symbol of religious unity. Here a river named Parvati flows, with Shiva temple on one side and the historic Gurudwara of Guru Nanak Dev.

Due to being connected to the river, the atmosphere of both religious places is very beautiful. It is said that Lord Shiva, angry at this place, opened his third eye. At this place, there is also a confluence of two Ganges,Brahmaganga and Parvati Ganga.

Naina Devi Temple.

History of Naina Devi Temple:

According to local recognition, while bathing in the river here, once the jewel of the ear ornamental jewel of Mother Parvati fell into the water.

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And from here the man went to the people. Then Lord Shiva asked his disciples to find gem. The gem was not found even after finding it too much.

Angry by this, Lord Shiva opened his third eye. As soon as the third eye opened, Nayana Devi appeared with her eyes. Therefore, this place is considered to be the birth place of Nayana Devi.
Nayana Devi asked Palanma to return to Mana from Sheshnag and Sheshnag returned that gem to Lord Shiva.

There are many gems present in the river:

Local recognition is that Sheshnag had given many other gifts to Mata Parvati’s gem, besides the purpose of pleasing Lord Shiva. Then Lord Shiva asked Goddess Parvati to recognize her gem and wear it, and after all, all the gems were made into stone and put here in the river. It is said that the sent gem of Sheshnag is still present in the river in the form of stone.

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Manikarna was also one of the favorite places of Lord Rama. It is said that Shri Ram has worshiped Lord Shiva on many occasions and practiced penance. Shrirangunath Temple is built here on the site of Shriram’s penance here today.

Source of Hot Water:

There is also a hot water source near the Shiv Temple. This hot water is only a short distance from the Parvati River with cold water.
Where the hot water comes from, it remains a mystery till today.

Rice is cooked to make Gurdwara offerings in this hot water source. Put rice in a vessel and put it here, then rice gets cooked in just a few minutes. The water here is so hot that no one can put it in the hand. The water of this source is mixed with water in the river Parvati and it is suitable for bath.

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Gurudwara is across the River:

Shiva temple on this side of Parvati river and on the other hand, Gurudwara
This beautiful view here is worth seeing. All the devotees who come here, whether they are Hindus or Sikhs, take advantage of both views.

Confluence of Brahma Ganga and Parvati Ganga:

In front of the gurudwara there are high mountain peaks called Harendra Mountains. It is said that Lord Brahma had done penance at this place. There is a confluence of Brahma Ganga and Parvati Ganga at some distance from here.

The right time to Travel:

April to October is considered to be the best time to visit Manikarna.

How to reach:

1.) By Airway –

About 40 km from Manikarna At the distance is Bhuntendra Airport. From there, the Manikarna can be reached by road by road.

2.) By Train-

Jogindranagar Railway Station is nearest to Manikarna. The distance from Manikarna is about 125 km. is. Road: About 34 km from Manikarna Kullu is at a distance. Manikarna can come from Kullu by road.

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