Chitrakoot Temple and chitrakoot Darshan.

Chitrakoot Dham

Chitrakoot is one of the oldest pilgrimage sites on the border of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. This place is located on the Jhansi-Mankapur railway route, on the border of Satvi district of Karvi in ​​Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh. To visit Chitrakoot, you will have to go to Madhya Pradesh's Satna district. It is located on the banks of the Mandakini River. Centuries of faith, Chitrakoot is the place where Shri Ram spent 11-30 years of exile with Goddess Sita and Bhai Lakshman.

chitrakoot dham.

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Holy Places of Chitrakoot:


It is said that during the exile, Sri Ramji used to take bath on this Ghat daily. From then on, this Ghat was named after Ram Ghat. In this holy place, Ram ji had appeared to Tulsidas ji. There is a huge statue of Tulsidas ji over the ghats. This place is also called the Mandakini Aarti place. Mandakini's aarti is performed every day in the evening with Vedic Mantras.

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2-Hanuman Dhara:

Hanuman stream starts with Vindhyachal Mountains and ends here. It is said that when Hanuman ji returned to Sri Ram ji by combustion of Lanka. Then due to fire, their whole body was burning. To make Hanuman ji free from this suffering, Shri Ram had constructed this stream by piercing the mountain with his arrow. And told Hanuman ji to sit down under this stream and calm the fire of your body.Hanuman ji has been sitting under this section. Hence the name of that stream was called Hanuman stream. There is a Panchmukti statue of Hanuman ji in the temple located near Hanuman Section. There are many more statues located in this temple.

chitrakoot dham.

3-Sita mata Kitchen:

Where does Sita Mata make food at this place during the exile? A small cave exists in the mountain as a Kitchen. Which is called Sita's mother's kitchen. In the meantime, a stove and 1 chuck cylinder has been constructed by the devotees in this place. This is where the statues of those five Munis are established. Those whom Mata Sita fed food in this kitchen.


chitrakoot tourism.

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