History of Golden Temple-Harmandir Sahib.

History of Golden Temple-Harmandir Sahib.

Golden Temple

Golden Templeis located in Amritsar city of Punjab in India. Golden Temple is also known asHarmandir Sahib and Sri Durbar Sahib.The upper garland of this temple is made of 400 kg of gold, hence the temple was named as theGolden Temple.

Lots of devotees from all over the world come here to see theGolden Temple.People of every religion come from all over the world in theGolden Temple. The main purpose of building aGolden Templewas that men and women worshiped God evenly at one such place.

Golden Temple History.
Golden Temple History

Golden Temple History –

Golden Temple Amritsar was founded in 1574 by the fourthSikh Guru Ramdasji. The Golden Temple was built byArjun Dev, the fifth guru of the Sikhs. In 1588, he founded the temple of Saint Mia Mir from Lahore.

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Guru Arjun was invited by Muslim Sufi Saint Sai Mian Mir. Guru Amar Das ordered Guru Ram Das to make a Amrit Tauki. As a result, people of Sikh religion also worship God. Guru Ram Das joined all the disciples in this work. He said that this Amrit Tauki is God’s house.

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While doing this work, the hut where Guruji lived, it is now known as Guru Mahal. In 1578, Guru Ram Das started the work of digging another Tauki. Which was later known as the name of Amritsar Later on the name of this Tauki the name of the city also called Amritsar.

Harmandir Sahibwas built in the middle of Amritsar and for this reason all Sikhs considerHarmandir Sahibas their main place of worship.

The Lake:

The Lake which was situated in the middle of Amritsar, was constructed by Ram Das, the fourth Guru of the Sikhs. TheGolden Templewas damaged many times, but as often as it was destroyed, Devotees have made it again.

According to religious beliefs, ancient history of Sikh religion is also mentioned insideHarmandir Sahib. This is the main Dev land of Sikhism. In 17th century, Maharaja Sardar Jassa Singh Ahluwalia built it again. Maharaja Ranjit Singh had rebuilt it in the 19th century after destroying the temple of the Afghan invaders.

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The craft ofHarmandir Sahibis very unique. The temple map itself was prepared by Guru Arjun Dev ji. The temple is made of marble stones. On whose walls are curved with gold leaves. The reason for this being the outer covering of gold so it is called golden temple. There are two big and many small pilgrimage sites in it.

Gates of Golden Temple:

There are four gates of Harmandir Sahib that show that people from any religion and caste can come from any direction here. Harmandir Sahib is surrounded by the lake. This lake is also known as Amrit Sarovar and Amrit Lake. Each person goes inside the temple by washing feet or bathing in this lake.

Berry Tree:

The lake has a berry tree beside it, which is also known as Beri old father. It is believed that when the construction of the Golden Temple was in progress, Baba old man used to sit here and supervise the work.

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The Akal Takh:

TheAkal Takhtis a marble building, which was built in 1606. At that time, many important decisions were taken here. It is located on the left side of the Gurudwara. Durbar Sahib is located here.

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In today’s Gurdwara in 1764, Jassa Singh Ahluwalia had reconstructed with some other Sikhs. In the beginning of the 19th century, Maharaja Ranjit Singh saved Punjab from outside attacks and also covered the upper part of the Guru with gold.

At present, more than 125000 people come daily with the intention of worshiping in Golden Temple.

Festival Celebration in Golden Temple-

The main festival of the Sikhs is the Baishakhi which is celebrated in the golden temple. Baisakhi is celebrated in the second week of April. On this day, Sikhs celebrate the establishment of Khalsa.

The other important days of the Sikhs include Guru Ram Das’s birthday, Guru Teg Bahadur’s birthday, Sikh founder Guru Nanak Dev’s birthday etc. On this day, Sikhs worship God. Generally, the beauty of the golden temple is worth seeing in the light of Daya on Diwali.

On this day, the Golden Temple is decorated with lights. Every Sikh, once again, goes to the Golden Temple in his life. Most Sikhs go to the Golden Temple during special days of their life like birthdays, weddings, festivals etc.

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