History of Mankameshwar Temple.

History of Mankameshwar Temple.

Mankameshwar Temple:

Mankameshwar Templein Hindu religion is very ancient. Mankameshwar Mahadev Templeis situated on the banks of Gomti river in Lucknow. It is said that every wish that is sought by the devotees who come here, Shiva ji fulfills their desires.
Therefore this temple is called Mankameshwar.

Mankameshwar Temple

History of Mankameshwar Temple:

It is said that Lord Ram was worshiped at the Mankameshwar temple, while worshiping Shivling.

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So that Lord Rama can complete 14 years of exile after efficiently returning to Ayodhya.
It is also believed that Lord Shiva had appeared here only by destroying Cupid. Hence the name of this temple was Mankameshwar.

The temple priest said that thousands of pilgrims come to worship every day in Shiva temple. In the months of Sawan, this number becomes in lakhs.

The worship of Lord Mankameshwar Mahadev and worship of the devotees who perform the anointing must surely be fulfilled. This temple has been mentioned in the name of Kameshwar Tirtha in Padma Purana.

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The worshipers ofKoteshwar Mahadev, established on the banks of river Ganga near Shikkutti, get relief from all sins. Pujaing of this Shiva is attained in equal virtue of worshiping one hundred and fifty Shivling.

Koteshwar Mahadevwas founded by Lord Rama for the liberation of Brahma killing on the instructions of Bhardwaj sage after coming back from Lanka.

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After coming from Lanka, Lord Rama had anointed Abhishek by creating 50 million Shivling on the request of Mahish Bhardwaj.

After that, on the request of Bharadwaj Rishi, Shri Ram made a Shivling ready and made Jalabhishek on it. This Shivling was constructed after the construction of Sawa-Karod Shivling.

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