‘Ravana’ Arvind Trivedi got Emotional.

‘Ravana’ Arvind Trivedi got Emotional.

Ramayan: Seeing Sita Haran scene in Ramayana, ‘Ravana’ Arvind Trivedi got emotional:

The Ramayana was broadcast on Doordarshan in 1987. In which Arvind Trivedi played the role of Ravana. He is now 84 years old. He played the character of Ravana well on TV but in real life he is a devotee of Ram.

Arvind Trivedi Ravan

The corona virus has been locked down nationwide. In such a situation, Doordarshan has re-broadcasted Ramanand Sagar’s famous TV show ‘Ramayana’ to entertain people. After 33 years, seeing Ramayan again on TV, people are reliving old memories.

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This time too, this serial is getting the same popularity and love of the people. At the same time, reports of artists associated with this show are also coming out.

about Arvind Trivedi

A similar video of actor Arvind Trivedi (Arvind Trivedi) playing the character of Ravana has appeared in this serial, in which he is seen watching Ramayana at his home. In the video, Arvind Trivedi is watching an episode of Sita Haran. In this video, where Ravana is seen on TV, is killing Sita, while sitting in front of the TV, Arvind Sita folds his hands after seeing tears in mother’s eyes. It seems that they are apologizing for Sita Haran.

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About Arvind Trivedi(Ravan):

About Arvind Trivedi(Ravan)

Arvind Trivedi made his Bollywood debut in the year 1971 with Balraj Sahni’s film ‘Paraya Dhan’ and then appeared in many Hindi films like ‘Jungle Me Mangal’, ‘Prem Bandhan’ and ‘Hum Tere Aashiq’. In 1987, Ramanand Sagar created the TV show ‘Ramayana’, in which he signed most of the actors of his previous show ‘Vikram Aur Betal’. Arvind was also one of them.

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Arvind Trivedi tried his hand not only in acting but also in politics. In 1991, Arvind Trivedi contested BJP’s election from Sarbarkantha seat of Gujarat and became an MP. Arvind has worked in more than 250 films, mixing Hindi and Gujarati films. Arvind Trivedi was also the chairman of Censorboard. Arvind Trivedi, who is 84 years old, is now spending time at his home away from acting.

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