Story of Temple that is Immersed in Water

Story of Temple that is Immersed in Water

Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple:

Our country has many big temples since ancient times. Like the temple ofBadrinath, Kedarnath and Maa Vaishno Devi Temple,which is the center of incredible reverence for the devotees. But have you ever heard of any temple which is submerged in water for a few days. And make itself Jalabhishek. Today we are going to tell you about such a temple. The name of that temple is“Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple”.
stambheshwar mahadev temple.

This temple is situated on the banks of the Arabian Sea, 40 miles from Vadodara City in the state of Gujarat. Every day in the morning, in the morning and in the evenings, it becomes visible from the eyes for some time. Today we are going to tell you about the story of this temple.

Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple in Gujarat:

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This temple was discovered almost150 years ago.Shivaling is about 4 feet high and 2 feet in daimeter. In ancient times, a monster named Tarakasur had received this boon byLord Shiva’s harsh austerity that only six days Shiva child would do his slaughter. After receiving the boon, Tarakasur started to panic everywhere. Disturbed by his horror, all goddess goddesses and rishis reached to Lord Shiva and started praying. Then Lord Shiva created his son Kartikeya with his divine power from the pind of the mountain. Who was a very influential child. Immediately after this, Lord Shiva ordered Kartikeya to slaughter TarakaSur. After getting the order of Lord Shiva, Kartikeya got out of there to kill Tarakasur. After this Tarasur was killed by Lord Kartikeya.

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But Kartikeya was very sad to know about Shiva of Tarakasura. After this, Lord Vishnu came to Kartikeya. And he established the world’s place of nandan. Which Lord Kartikeya completed himself.

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This place is known today as the Mahasangam site and the Stambheshwar Mahadev temple.

Here, a pilgrim is given before entering the pilgrims, in which it is clearly written about what time they have to go in for the sight of Shivling. Because there is a lot of tidal reflux there, so at that time everyone is asked to stay away from this temple.


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