Lord Hanuman's footprints are still in the Jakhu temple of Shimla.

History of Jakhu Temple in Shimla:

Devland Himachal which is known for very ancient and historic temples. One of them is also the Jakhu temple of Shimla, a historic temple. This temple is situated at an altitude of 2455 meters above sea level and is at the highest peak of Shimla. Jakhu Temple is dedicated to Shri Hanuman ji.

jakhu temple shimla.

The ancient temple of Shri Hanuman ji is situated on the summit of the historic Jakhu mountain of Shimla Nagar. It is believed that Lakshman ji had become unconscious after Meghnath was killed in the war of Lanka. When to save the unconscious Laxman, Hanuman ji was going to bring Sanjivani buti from the sky route to the Himalaya Mountains. So suddenly his vision fell on the Jakhu mountain, in the penance, on the Yaksha sage. The name of this temple is named Jakhu Temple (Yaksha + Yaak + Yaku + Jakhu) by the name of Yaksha Rishi.

To introduce Sanjivani Booti, ​​Hanuman ji got on this mountain. The Jakhu Mountains, which were previously very high, by their force, half passed into the womb of the earth. At the place where Hanuman ji has reached, there are still traces of his footprints. Their footprints have been protected from a marble in the back of the temple, made of marble. Hanuman ji proceeded towards the Himalaya mountain by giving a promise to return the Yaksha sage to return from this place.

temple in shimla.

Due to the delay in bringing Sanjivani booth from the Himalaya Mountains, Hanuman ji went through the small route Ayodhya. Because of which Hanuman ji could not meet with the Yaksh sage. While waiting, a lot of time has passed for the Yakshi sage and he becomes disturbed. At that time Hanuman ji presented Yaksha to the sage and told him the reason for not coming there. 

Immediately after the insight of Hanuman ji, an idol appeared which exists in the temple today.Yaksha Rishi constructed this temple to remember the memory of Hanuman ji. After this yaksha sage became invisible except his Charanpaduka and souvenirs here.

Since then, this temple is present here. The worshiper of Shri Hanuman ji is worshiped in this temple with a true heart. Shri Hanuman ji fulfills all their wishes and protects the devotees by destroying the wicked.

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