10 Interesting Things About Christmas Tree

10 Interesting Things About Christmas Tree

Christmas Day 2023:

Christmas Dayis celebrated every year on25 December.TheChristmas tree with Santa Claus, Jingle Bellsis very important on the day of Lord Christ’s birthday. The festival of Christmas is celebrated with pomp and grandeur. In the churches and houses, the Christmas tree is decorated with flowers and lightning strikes. Chrismus is celebrated with much pomp around the world.

Christmas Day 2020

There are many beliefs about the Christmas tree worldwide.

Here we are going to tell you 10 interesting things about Christmas tree.

10 Interesting Things Related to Christmas Tree:

1. The place where Jesus lived was a desert area and when Jesus entered Jerusalem, people welcomed him with dates of palm branches. But in time, evergreen fur, pine or cedar trees growing in the snowy region became a symbol of Christmas.

Christmas Tree

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2. It is said that from the BC itself, the Romans used to decorate the pine tree in their winter festival called Saturnalia. He used to do this in honor of Surya. Probably the tradition of decorating the tree from there has also become a part of the Christmas.

3. According to popular belief, once Saint Boniface traveled in Germany, he rested under an oak tree, where non-Christians sacrificed people for the satisfaction of their gods. Saint Boniface cut down the tree and replaced it with a fur tree. Since then, Saint Boniface had started using the symbol of fur for his religious messages.

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4. There is also a German legend about it that when Jesus was born, the grazing animals worshiped him and on seeing all the trees of the forest were laden with evergreen green leaves. Just then, the Christmas tree was considered a traditional symbol of Christianity.

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5. It is also said that presumably this practice was started in ancient times by Egyptians, Chinese or Hibar people.

6. Evergreen Christmas tree is a Douglas, Balsam or fur plant on which much decoration is done on Christmas day.

7. The people of Russia (Russia) celebrate Christmas on 7 January. During this time they decorate tall trees of cedar.

8. In the modern era, the Christmas tree originated in West Germany. During the staging of a popular drama in the medieval period, fur plants were used to show the Garden of Eden on which apples were hung. This tree was shown as a symbol of the paradise tree.

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9. It is also believed about this tree that an old lady brought home a branch of cedar tree and planted it in the house. But the spider made a trap on him, when the Lord Jesus Christ was born, the spider webs suddenly turned into gold wire.

10. The notion of longevity of home children is also prevalent behind decorating the Christmas tree. It is also said that decorating it or keeping it in the house does not bring evil spirits.

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