Miracles of Sunday(Surya Dev) Fasting.

Sunday Fasting Story

On Sunday Lord Sun(Suryadev) is worshiped. All the desires are done for fasting on Sunday and happiness comes in life.

Sunday fasting.

The Story of Sunday Fasting:

In ancient times, there was an old woman in a city. He washed his courtyard from dung and bathing every Sunday morning. After that she worshiped Lord Sun. After eating them, she used to eat self. With the grace of Lord Sun, he was not concerned about any kind of anxiety and pain. His house was slowly filled with grains and grains.

Seeing that old lady was happy, her neighbor started to burn her badly. The old lady had not kept a cow. So on Sunday, she used to take cow's dung in the courtyard of her neighbor. One day, neighbors tied their cow in the house. Due to not getting dung on Sunday, the old lady could not clean her courtyard. Due to not cleaning her courtyard, that day old lady did not worship the Lord Sun and did not even eat food herself.

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At sunset, the old lady hungry and thirsty slept. In this way, she fastened without eating anything. In the night the Sun God appeared to her dream and asked for the reason of not eating food. She said that she was not getting a cow dung for cleaning her courtyard because of her neighbor was getting cow inside the house. Knowing the reason for the displeasure of the devotee, Sun God said, "O mother!", We give you such a cow who fulfills your all desires. I am very pleased with you because you worshiped and taking food me and then you are eating.

Due to my fasting and listening my stories, wealth is obtained for the poor and son for infertile women. By giving such a boon to the old lady in a dream, Lord Sun became enthralled.

In the morning before the sunrise, the old woman's eyes opened, she was surprised to see the beautiful cow and calf in the courtyard of her house. Bounding the cow in the courtyard, he quickly fed it by bringing it to the feed. When the neighbor saw the beautiful cow and calf tied in the courtyard of that old lady, she started burning more. Only then did cow dung gold. Seeing the dung, neighboring eyes burst. Neighbors did not find that old woman around and immediately picked up the dung and took her home and kept her cow dung there. Neighbors have become wealthy in a few days by the dung of gold. The cow used to give gold dung before sunrise every day and before the old woman got up, the neighbor used to take that dung.

For a long time, the old woman did not know anything about gold dung. Like previous day, that old lady, every Sunday,continued to fast God's sun and kept listening to the story. But when the sun god came to know about the discrepancy of the neighbor, he drove a strong thunderstorm. Seeing the storm, the old lady tied the cow inside the house. It was a surprise to see the old woman dumpled in the morning and saw the gold dung. After that day, the old cow started to bind inside the house. The old lady became very rich in a few days by the dung of gold.

 Due to that old lady, the neighbors started burning. When there was no way to get gold dung, he reached the king's court and told the king everything. When the king came to know about the cow that gave cow dung near the old lady, he sent his soldiers to order for taking the cow of old woman. The soldiers reached the old lady's house. At that time, the old lady was worshiping and going to eat food herself. The soldiers of the king opened the cow and led them towards the palace. The old woman prayed to the soldiers not to take the cow, but did not accept the king's soldiers. The old lady was very sad due to the departure of the cow. On that day, he did not eat anything and all the night began praying to the Sun God to recover the cow. On the other hand, the King was very pleased to see the cow But the next morning as soon as he got picked up, the whole castle got frightened by the dung. That night Lord Sun came into his dream and said- "O Rajan!" It is your good pleasure to return this cow to the old lady. Being happy with the fast of Sunday, this cow has given it to me.

In the morning, the king called the old man in the palace and returned with a lot of money to her cow and apologized. After this, the king punished neighbors. After doing so, the dung was removed from the king's palace.

 On the same day the king announced that all the men and women fasted on Sunday. All the people's house was filled with grains after the fasting of Sunday Happiness around The physical pain of all the people was overcome.


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