Monday(Lord Shiva) Fast Katha.

Monday(Lord Shiva) Fast Katha.

Monday Fast katha

According to Hindu religion,Lord Shivais worshiped on the day of Monday. Those who worship God Shiva on Monday, they definitely get the desired results.

Monday fasting.

Monday(Lord Shiva) Fast Katha-

There was amoneylenderin a city. There was no shortage of money in his house. but he had no children because of which he was very unhappy. To get the son, he used to fast every Monday and with full devotion,Shiva and Parvatiwere worshiped. By seeing his devotion, Parvati was pleased and requested Lord Shiva to complete the wish of the moneylender. Listen to Parvati’s wish, Lord Shiva said that every person in this world gets the fruits according to his deeds and whose destiny is to be suffered by whatever he has done. On the request of Mother Parvati, Shivaji gave a boon to the moneylender for giving birth to his son but also said that the age of his child would be only twelve years.

Mata Parvati and Lord Shiva were listening to this conversation. She was neither happy nor gambling. She used to worship Shiva like before. After some time a son was born in the house of a moneylender. When the child was eleven years old, he was sent toKashito read.

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The moneylender called the son’s maternal aunt and gave him a lot of money and said that you take my son for Kashi and attainment, and make a sacrifice in the way. Wherever you make a sacrifice, feeding the Brahmins and giving them dakshina,

Both nephew and maternal uncle went towards Kashi giving donations to the Brahmins. In the way, there was a marriage of the king’s daughter in a city. But the prince’s one eye is bad. Prince’s father had a idea in his mind to hide his son’s bad condition. Seeing moneylender sons, he thought that in the place of his prince, the princess married the son moneylender. King thought that, after marries, he will give a lot of money to moneylender’s and take home the princess.

Moneylender’s son was dressed in a groom’s clothes and got married to the princess. Moneylender’s son was a very honest person. He wrote this incident on the princess’s scarf, “Your marriage has happened to me, but you will be sent with the prince. I am going to read Kashi. ”

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When the princess read the script on the scarf, she told this to her parents. The king did not leave his daughter, who went back to the procession. Here the moneylender’s son and his uncle reached Kashi and he went there and offered a sacrifice. On the same day, the boy was given the yagna on that day of 12 years. The boy told his uncle that my health is not good. Maternel uncle said that you go inside and sleep.

The moneylender’s died in a few moments, according to Shiva’s blessing. His maternal uncle started crying after seeing the deceased nephew. In the meantime, the moneylender and his wife were relieving their sons for a long life, forcing them to do penance. Parvati quote, “O Lord!” Return the life of their son, otherwise both husband and wife will give up their lives.

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Lord Shiva,on the request ofMother Parvati, promised that boy to be alive. The boy gotaliveby the grace of Shiva. After the completion of the education, the boy came out to go to his house with maternal uncle. The two went to the same town where he got married. He went to his in-laws and his wife with him.

Staying hungry here, the moneylender and his wife were waiting for their son. He had kept on saying that if they got news of the death of his son, he would give up life too. Seeing his son alive, he was very pleased. Lord Shiva came in a dream late night and said, “I have given your son a long life by being pleased with your fasting on Monday and listening to a fast story.

All the sorrows of a person who performs the fast on Monday will be gone. And all hiswisheswill be fulfilled.

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