How to Please Lord Shiva?

How to Please Lord Shiva?

How to Please Lord Shiva?

Lord Shiva, also called Bholenath and also the Destroyer. Lord Shiva is very pleased with his devotees, and becomes very angry too soon.

How to Please Lord Shiva.

There is a description of the specific methods of pleasing all the deities in Hindu religion.
There are some such materials and methods, which are very liked by the specific god. The availability of those materials in their worship provides the desired results.

But there are some things that can be used to provide reversal results. Some things like adorable gods and goddesses. There are some things that they dislike. In such a way, if they are offered those things or those materials are used in their worship, then this can be the cause of the problem.

Lord Shiva liked Bhang and Datura’s offering. But there are some things that should not be used during Shiva worship at all.
In Shiva Puja, conch and basil is not used, 4 such things which Shivaji is not offered.

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According to Shiva Purana, Shiva devotees should never give these 6 items to Lord Shiva.

1. Ketaki Flower:

According to legend, Ketaki flowers had co-opted in ‘The lie of Brahma ji’. Angered by that, Bholanath cursed Ketaki’s flowers and said that the flowers of Ketaki will never be offered on Shivalinga. Since this curse, the flowers of Ketaki are not offered to Shiva.

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2. Basil Leaves:

Basically, basil leaves are used in worship. But should not use them for worship of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva had killed Tulsi’s husband Asur Jaalandhar. Therefore, he himself disowned Lord Shiva with his supernatural and divine qualities.

3. Water from the Conch:

The gods were disturbed by the atrocities of the monster Shankhchud. Lord Shankar killed him with trident. After which his body was consumed.

The conch was born from that incidence. Shankhchur was killed by Lord Shiva, therefore, water is never offered to Shiva with a conch shell.

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4. Kumkum or Vermilion:

The vermillion of married women is considered to be the jewel. Ladies wear vermilion in their demand for the wishes of their husband’s long and healthy life and also offer to God. But Shiva is destructive, that is why Lord Shiva is not served from vermilion.

5. Coconut Water:

Coconut is offered on Shivling. But it should not be anointed with it. It is necessary to accept offerings offered to the deities. But those foods which are anointed by Shivling, they are not eaten. Therefore, Shivaji should not take coconut water.

6. Do not offer Turmeric:

In addition to Shiva, turmeric is offered in the worship of almost all deities. According to the scriptures, Shivaling is a symbol of man element and turmeric is a feminine object. For this reason, turmeric is not grown on Shivling.

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