Gautam Buddha Biography and History.

Gautam Buddha Biography and History.

Biography of Gautam Buddha:

Gautam Buddhawas born in Lumbini, Nepal, near Kapilavastu. His father’s name wasShudodhanand mother’s name wasMayadevi. His childhood name was‘Siddhartha’. But due to his birth in the “Gautama tribe“, he was also calledGautama.

Gautam Buddha Biography.
Gautam Buddha Biography

Seven days after the birth of Gautam Buddha, his mother Mayadevi died. After that, he was nurtured by his aunt (stepmother) and Mahaprakashati (Gautami), the second queen of Shudodhan. When the birth ceremony of Gautam Buddha was held, then the famous sage Vishya Pratishtha of that time predicted that this child would either become a great king or a great guide. Siddhartha was a very compassionate person from childhood. When Siddharth used to play the game in childhood, he would lose himself because he did not want to hurt others. Siddhartha had a cousin named Devadatta. Once Devadatta started an arrow from his bow. Since a bird swan was injured and later Siddhartha protected the injured goose.

Gautama Buddha Name –Siddhartha Gautam Buddha
Born –563 BC Lumbini, Nepal

Death –483 BC Kushinagar, India
Wedding –Princess Yashodhara

Children –A son, Rahul

Father’s Name –Shudodhana

Mother’s name –Maya Devi

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Gautam Buddha History-

Gautam Buddhareceived the education of Vedas and Upanishads from GuruVishwamitra. Apart from this, besides education of Vedas, he learned the art of wrestling, horse racing, arrows and arrows like a Kshatriya. Gautam Buddha was married to ‘Yashodhara‘, daughter of Koli dynasty, at the age of 16, after receiving education initiation at an early age. From this marriage he had a child. His father’s name was Rahul but after some time of marriageGautam Buddhagave up his wife and child.

gautam buddha history,

Establishment of Buddhism:

The establishment of Buddhism was during the fourth century. Today there are about 190 million Buddhist followers in the whole world, and the number of followers of Buddhism is 25% in the world. According to a survey, countries like China, Japan, Vietnam, Thailand, Mongolia, Cambodia, Bhutan, South Korea, hong-kong, Singapore, India, Malaysia, Nepal, Indonesia, America and Sri Lanka are coming. There are more followers of Buddhism in Bhutan, Sri Lanka and India.

Gautam Buddha Education :

The god Gautam Buddha, who showed the world a new path from his thoughts, was India’s great philosopher, scientist, religious leader, a great social reformer and founder of Buddhism. They went to the forest from their royal palace at night, in search of the path to get salvation from birth, death, and sorrows to the world and the search for divine wisdom.

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After many years of hard work, he got knowledge underBodhi Treein Bodh Gaya (Bihar) and he became “Gautam Buddha” from Siddhartha Gautam.

Gautama buddha information.

Gautam Buddha receives knowledge:

On the day of Vaishak Poornima, Siddhartha sat in his meditation under the tree. A woman from the village whose name was Sujata had a son. The woman had asked for a son from that tree for her son. The vow of which he had asked, he had got the vow so to fulfill that vow, that lady made a cow’s milk kheer in a gold plate and brought it to that tree. That kheer was fed to Gautama Buddha by that woman. And says as if my wish was fulfilled, in the same way your wish will be fulfilled. A meditation on Siddhartha succeeded on meditation on that night. Since that realization was realized, Siddhartha started calling it ‘Buddha’.

Siddhartha got the realization under the tree. The tree was called ‘Bodhi-Tree’and the border place of Gaya was called ‘Bodh Gaya’.

After thinking of the nature of religion by staying under the Bodhi tree for 4 weeks, Gautama Buddha came out to preach Buddhism. First, he made 5 friends his followers and then sent them to spread religion.

Gautama Buddha Teachings:

1- Lord Buddha taught people to adopt a way of medium.

2- He put a lot of emphasis on non-violence for his cause and his unhappiness.

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3- Have pity on living beings.

4- Gautam Buddha has strongly condemned Havan and animal sacrifice.

Some of Buddha’s teachings is as follows:

Mahatma Buddha had propagated and propagated some of the ideas of Sanatan religion such as –

1-Agnihotra and Gayatri Mantra

2- Attention and end-sight

3- Follow the middle path

4- Four Arya Truths

Gautam Buddha Quotes:

1- Anger is a harmful weapon – anger kills you as well as killing your enemies. When you are very angry, then your words deceive you.

2- You are never punished for your anger, but you are punished by your anger. We are commended by our thoughts only.

3- We become the same as we think.

4- When your mind is clean, then you will always be happy with your shadow of happiness.

5- When you like a flower, you break it but when you love a flower, you give it water everyday.

6- Starting a small work is the beginning of ending a big job.

7- It does not matter if you start small or big, if you take that start to the end, then one day you will be able to achieve everything you want.

8- Life is a long journey and you are like a traveler, so it will be better that we live and travel well.

9- Instead of being anxious by staying in the past and in the future, we should be happy while staying in the present.

10- Even if you are surrounded by dirt, but you have a stock of power in opposing evil.

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