Mysteries Related to Taj Mahal.

Mysteries Related to Taj Mahal.

Unknown secrets of Tajmahal

There are still suchmysteriesin this world which are unresolved and there are many such secrets which can solve very easily. These hundreds and thousands of mysteries are included in the world’s greatest mystery of theTaj Mahal’s basement.
Today we are going to tell you something about the Taj Mahal and the unheard of things.
It is believed that theTaj Mahalwas constructed in1631 AD.In1653, it was fully prepared in the year.

Tajmahal Basement:

Researchers have done many research on theTaj Mahal.Many of them believe that there are more than a thousand rooms below the Taj Mahal.
They also have to say that the higher the Taj Mahal is built, the lower is also made. When the fort was built in the earlier times, a lot of intelligence and the way to get out was made. According to experts, such a secret passage is also present under the Taj Mahal. This is a secretive way that goes far outside.But this secret path was stopped during Shahjahan’s time. The rooms below the Taj Mahal were closed from the Eto.

Taj mahal Secrets Rooms:

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A lot of scientists and research teams have different opinions on them. Some of the researchers believe that the tomb ofMumtaz Mahalhas been kept in these basements. And those rooms have been officially closed.
Some writers believe that Earlier it used to beShiv Temple.That Shiva temple was calledTajoMahale. The Taj Mahal was later built on it. They also say that the basement below Taj Mahal is more old than the Taj Mahal.
Some scientists say that there can be valuable treasures in the basement below theTaj Mahal.Because the metal detector shows the presence ofseveral metalsin the basement.
Some historians had courageously opened these doors but for some reasons these doors were closed again. Because of this the mystery is becoming even deeper that what is behind these doors Those whom the government also does not want to open.

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