Rameshwaram Jyotirlinga History

Rameshwaram Jyotirlinga History

Rameshwaram Temple:

Rameshwar Jyotirlingais the 11th Jyotirlinga of the 12 Jyotirlingas of Lord Shiva. It is also known asSri Ramalingeshwar Jyotirlinga. Rameshwaram Jyotirlinga is located atRamanathapuram in Tamil Nadu. The story of Rameshwaram temple is associated with Shri Ram.
rameshwram temple history
Rameshwram Temple history
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Do you know that Gangotri water would be brought from Uttarakhand and offered toRameshwar Jyotirlinga. is. It has great importance. According to Kotirudrasamhita of Shivpuran, this Shivling was established by Shriram himself in Tretayuga.

When Ravana had taken Sita Mata to Lanka, all had gone in search of Sita Mata. Shri Ram ji with his monkey army had reached the sea coast of South. On the same coast, Lord Rama himself installed the Jyotirlinga of Shiva. This Jyotirlinga is located in Rameswaram, Tamil Nadu. It is one of the four Dhamas. Let us know this story in detail.

Rameshwaram Jyotirlinga(Rameshwaram Temple) History:

Rameshwaram Jyotirlinga

According to First Story:

When Sri Rama and Lakshmana reached the beach with their monkey army, they saw that the city of Lanka was on the other side of the sea. They started thinking about how to cover the distance of Lanka from the sea.
rameshwaram temple darshan.

Then Shri Ram Ji started worshiping Lord Shiva to solve this problem.
Then he made the earthly Shivalinga of Lord Shiva at the same place and started worshiping.

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He prayed to Lord Shiva that “Lord! Solve my problem. The city of Lanka is on the other side of this sea, how can we all cross it. Please you solve my problem.”

Lord Ram Ji said that ensure my victory for the battle with Ravana and forever sit here for the welfare of the people. Then Shiva granted him the groom and sat there forever.

According to the second story –

When Shri Ram ji returned after killing Ravana, he was resting on theGandhamadan mountainwith Lakshmana and Sita ji. When the sage-maharishi came to know that Shri Ram Ji had come here with Sita, they all reached there to seek his blessings.

The sages told Rama that Ravana was a Brahmin. Because of this, on killing Ravana, Ram has been accused of killing Brahm.

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The sages asked Shri Ram to atone for the sin of killing Brahm. The sages asked Shri Ram to install the Shivling and anoint him.

After listening to the sages, Shri Ram Ji ordered Hanuman to go to Mount Kailash and bring Shiva Linga. As ordered, Hanuman ji immediately reached Mount Kailash. But he did not find the Shiva Linga.

According to the Muhurta as told by the sages, Shivalinga was to be established.
After this, the Shivling of sand made by Sita Mata was established there. And Sri Ram worshiped him. For this reason, Jyotirlinga was named Rameshwaram Jyotirlinga. Along with Shiva, Shriram is also pleased with the worship done here.

After the worship, when Hanuman ji brought Shiva Linga and saw that Shivling was established, he felt very sad. Seeing the unhappiness of his devotee, Shri Ram Ji also installed the Shivling brought by Hanuman.

Then Hanuman ji was very happy. Thus the Shiva lingam established by Ram ji was namedRameshwarand the lingam brought by Hanuman ji was namedHanumadishwar.

There are many scenic spots around here, Sakshi Vinayak Temple, Sita Kund, Ekanta Ram Temple, Amman Devi. In fact, this place is such that, just by having a vision of Shivling, all the sorrows of the devotees are removed and sins are freed.

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Rameshwaram Temple Structure:

The presentRameshwaram Templewas constructed around 350 years ago. The craftsmanship here is very beautiful. The temple is spread over an area of ​​about 1000 feet from east to west and about 650 feet from north to south. There is a gopuram about hundred feet high at the main gate here.
There are a total of 24 pilgrimages in the Rameshwaram temple complex like Dhanushkoti, Chakratirtha, Shiva Tirtha, Agastya Tirtha, Ganga Tirtha, Yamuna Tirtha. It is important to offer water to the Rameshwaram Jyotirlinga only after seeing all these pilgrimages.

How to reach Rameshwaram Temple:

By Air:

There does not have an airport nearRameshwaram Temple.Nearest airport of Rameshwaram is Madurai Airport. Rameshwaram, 149 km away from Madurai Airport (IXM), Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

By Road:

From here one can reach the temple by road. This shrine is also connected to all major cities by road. There are regular buses from other major cities of the country to Rameshwaram. Bus Station named is Rameswaram.

By Train:

You can easily get regular trains to Rameshwaram from other major cities of the country.
Railway station is about 3 km from Rameshwaram. Trains from all the major cities across the country arrive here.

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