These are a Cause of Ravan’s Death.

These are a Cause of Ravan’s Death.

Ravana Death Reason:

Most of the people know that only because of abduction of Sita Ravana died at the hands of Shri Ram. But there is a mythological reason behind this as well.

Ravana Death Reason..Not only Sita, but these are also a cause of Ravan's death.

This is the reason for the death of Lankapati Ravana.

It is about the time when the arrogant Ravana was filled with even more arrogance after getting a boon and a mighty Khadga from Lord Shiva. Traveling through the earth, he reached the dense forests of the Himalayas. There he saw a beautiful girl absorbed in penance. Ravana’s demonic form woke up in front of the color of the girl and he disturbed the penance of that girl and wanted to know her identity.

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Hearing the astonishing questions of Ravana full of lust, the girl introduced herself and told Ravana that O demon king, my name isVedavati. I am the daughter of the most brilliant Maharishi Kushadhwaj.

When I was an adult, the gods, the Gandharvas, the yakshas, ​​the demons, the serpents all wanted to marry me, but my father wished that Lord Vishnu, the lord of all the gods, should become my husband. Enraged by my father’s desire, a demon named Shambhu killed my father while he was sleeping, and my mother also gave her life by jumping into the burning pyre of her father’s separation. That is why here I am doing this penance to fulfill my father’s wish.

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After saying this, that beauty also told Ravana that on the strength of my tenacity, I have come to know your wrong desire. On hearing this, Ravana was filled with anger and grabbed the girl’s hair with both his hands and started pulling her towards him. Enraged by this, because of the pain of her humiliation, the girl sank into the fire, cursing Dashanan that I would again take birth as the daughter of a godly man to kill you.

It is mentioned in the ‘Ravan Samhita’ included in the great texts that in the second birth the same ascetic girl was born from a beautiful lotus.

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Whose whole body was like a lotus. Even in this birth, Ravana again wanted to get that girl on the strength of his strength and with that girl, he reached his palace. Where the astrologers, seeing that girl, told Ravana that if this girl stays in this palace, then she will definitely become the cause of your death. Hearing this, Ravana threw him into the sea. After reaching the earth, the girl reappeared as the daughter of King Janak after ploughing. According to the scriptures, this form of the girl became the reason for the death of Ravana in the Ramayana by becoming Sita.

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