Lord Shri Ram killed Ravana with this weapon

Lord Shri Ram killed Ravana with this weapon

Lord Shri Ram killed Ravana with this wonderful weapon. Ravana could never have been killed without this weapon.

The war of Rama and Ravana started on the Tritiya of Ashwin Shukla Paksha and ended on the tenth day. But the war was on before that. Altogether the war lasted 32 days. Ramji stayed in Lanka for a total of 111 days. When Rama killed Ravana, two types of bows/weapons are said.

Lord Shri Ram killed Ravana with this wonderful weapon. Ravana could never have been killed without this weapon.What happened to the dead body of Ravana?

1. Brahmastra:

When Ravana was not dying from any weapon carried by Rama, Vibhishana told Rama that Brahma had given Ravana aBrahmastraand that he could be killed only with that weapon. That weapon is hidden in Mandodari’s chamber, without that weapon this war will go on for eternity. Hanuman immediately disguised as an old Brahmin reached Mandodari. She was pleased to see the Brahmin. She started welcoming him. Then the Brahmin dressed Hanuman told Mandodari that Vibhishana has told Rama the secret that Ravana will be killed only by the divine weapon kept in your room. Hanuman ji said that mother, you should hide that weapon somewhere else. Hearing this, Mandodari was terrified and she immediately ran to the place where she had hidden the weapon. Then Hanumanji came in his original form and he snatched that divine weapon from Mandodari and took it away. Hanuman ji took that weapon and gave it to Shri Ram. With the same weapon, Rama killed Ravana.

2. Kodanda Bow:

Very few people would know that the name of Lord Rama’s bow was Kodanda, that is why Lord Shri Ram was called Kodanda. The meaning of ‘Kodand’ is made of bamboo. Kodanda was a wondrous bow that not everyone could hold. There is also a Ram temple in Bhilai by the name Kodand which is called ‘Kodanda Ramaalayam Temple‘. Lord Shri Ram lived in Dandakaranya between the Bhils and the tribals for 10 years. Kodanda was such a bow, whose fired arrow could only come back after hitting the target.

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What happened to the dead body of Ravana?

A few years ago in Sri Lanka, a research has claimed to find 50 such places which are related to Ramayana. One of those places is the cave of Ranagil, where the dead body of Ravana is still claimed to be safe. This discovery has been made jointly by the International Ramayana Research Center of Sri Lanka and the Ministry of Tourism there. Although no one confirms this. A team of some TV channels visited the area and reported this place.

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It is said that the battle between Rama and Ravana took place in 5000 BC. According to the position of planetary constellations told in Valmiki Ramayana, the calculation of ‘Planetarium software’ of the space agency NASA revealed that Rama killed Ravana 5076 years ago. Since then the body of Ravana is kept in a cave in Sri Lanka.

In August 1971, a Buddhist monk claimed that Ravana’s body was still preserved in its former state in a fort built on a mountain top. Although we do not know how true this is. According to the belief, there is a cave of Ravana on a huge hill amidst the forests of Ragla. No one goes to the dense forests and caves of Ragla, as it is home to wild and feared animals.

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This cave of Ravana is situated at an altitude of 8,000 feet in the area of ​​Ragla, where the body of Ravana is kept in an 18 feet tall coffin. There is a special coating around this coffin, due to which this coffin has been kept as it is for thousands of years.

It is said that after the death of Ravana, the responsibility of his funeral was entrusted to Vibhishana, but in a hurry to take over the throne of Lanka, Vibhishana left Ravana’s body as it is. After which the people of Nagkul took the dead body of Ravana with them.

The people of Nagkul were sure that Ravana’s death was momentary and that he would be alive again. He also tried many times to revive Ravana but he did not get success. After which they used various chemicals to keep Ravana’s body safe and kept it as a mummy. It is a belief among many people of Sri Lanka that Ravana will one day come back alive.

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