Thursday Lord Vishnu Fast Katha.

Thursday Lord Vishnu Fast Katha.

Thursday Fast

On Thursday, worship ofLord Vishnuis done. By fasting this day Lord Vishnu are pleased. This fast is considered fruitful for women. According to Agnipuraan, starting from Thursday with Anuradha Nakshatra.

Thursday fast.

Om Namah Shivaya

Thursday Fast Katha:

In the ancient times,A moneylenderlived in a city. He used to send goods from ships to other countries. He used to earn a lot of money. And donated it in the same way. But his wife was verystingy.

Once day monelender went to the other country for business purpose. One day, Lord Vishnu came to seek aims from his wife as a saint. The moneylender’s wife said to the saint, “O Sadhu Maharaj! I am fed up with this donation and virtue. You should tell any such remedy, that all my wealth is destroyed and I can live comfortably. I can not see this money looting.”

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The saint said, ‘O Goddess, you are very bizarre, what is sad with children and money. If there is more money then put it in auspicious task.Marry orpan girls, build schools and gardens. By doing such virtuous deeds, your folk can be worthwhile. But the sadhu did not have any effect on the trader’s wife because of these things. She said – I do not need such money, whom I donate.

Then Saint said, “If you have such a desire, then you should take a remedy, take seven Thursday home from cow dung, wash your hair with yellow soil, take bath, ask her husband to cut his hair, eat meat in the food. By doing so, you will lose all your money. By saying this, The Saint disappeared.

According to the saint, the moneylender’s wife decided to do the same on seven Thursday. Only three Thursday were passed that all the wealth wasdestroyedand shedied. When the moneylender came back, he saw that everything was destroyed. The moneylender settled inanother townafter taking his daughter. There he used to cut wood from the forest and sell it in the city. In this way he started living his life.

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One day his daughter wishes to eatcurdbut the moneylender did not have the money to buy curd. He assured his daughter and went to cut wood in the forest. He sit down under a tree there, he was thinking his former condition and crying. That day was Thursday. At that time, there Lord Vishnu, as a saint came to moneylender and said, “Man, what are you worried about in this forest?”

Then moneylender said, “O my lord!” You know everything. “By saying this, the moneylender cries by telling his story.” The saint said, “Son, your wife had insulted Lord Vishnu. That is why this happened to you but now you do not worry about any kind. You may worship Lord Vishnu on Thursday. With 2 grams of gram and jaggery, by putting sugar in the water lote, divide it among the chanaamrit and prasad to the members of the family and the people. EatPrasad and Chanaamritthemselves too. God will surely bless you. ”

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After listening to the sadhu, the moneylender said, “Maharaj, I do not have so much money that I can feed curd to my daughter.” On this matter, the sage said, “You go to sell the timber in the city, Quadruplets will meet, which will prove to be all your work. ”

The moneylender cut the timber and went to the city to sell. His timber was sold at a good price which he took a curd for his daughter and gram and jaggery to the worship of Lord Vishnu. he worshiped Lord Vishnu by sharing the prasad to the people and himself also.. From that day all his difficulties began toget rid of.

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