Lord Vishnu Parashuram Incarnation(Parashuram Avatar).

Parashuram Avatar:

Of the 10 incarnations of Vishnu, there is the sixth incarnation which is counted in the middle of Vaman and Ramchandra.

Parusharam's mother's name was Renuka and the father's name was Jamadagni. Parashuram was the supreme devotee of  Lord Shiva.

He received special gift from Lord Shiva. His name was Ram, but because of his always being restrained by the Lord Shiva, he was called Parashurama. Jamdagnya is also called because of Jamadagni's son.

parashuram Avatar.


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Parshuram Avatar Story-

His mother Renuka had  command over  the water elments and his father Jamadgani over fire. its even said that Renuka could fetch water in the even in a wet clay pot. Once Rishi Jamadgani asked Renuka Devi to fetch water in the clay pot, some how Renuka Devi was distracted from the thought of being a women and the clay pot broke.

Seeing Renuka Devi wet the enraged Jamadgani  called his son Parshurama. On this, Parshuram's father Jamdagni was angry and asked his four sons to kill her. Nobody was prepared except Parashurama. At the same time, Jamadagni has made everyone humble. Parashuram disobeyed the father and shreds his mother's head.

If the father asked him to ask for a blessing, he would ask for four boons-

  1. Mother should be resurrected,
  2. They have no memory of death,
  3. Brothers become consciou
  4. I am the supreme.

Jamadagni gave them four boons.Parshuram, like Durvasa, is famous for his grumpy nature. Once Karvatyvari had displaced the ashram in the absence of Parashuram, from which Parashuram got angry and cut off his arms arms.

The relatives of Kartavyaree slaughtered Jamadagni with a spirit of retaliation. On this, Parshuram 21 times made the earth Kshatriyaless and made five lakes filled with blood.

In the end, after hearing the ancestors, he left the war with the Kshatriyas and meditated towards penance.

In Ram avatar, Ramchandra came out angry after breaking Shiva's bow. He gave his Dhanush Ramchandra for the examination. When Rama gave a bow, Parshuram understood that Ramchandra is the incarnation of Vishnu. Therefore, by rendering them, they went to penance.

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